Friday, April 26, 2013

Gypsy love


Bohemian at Heart

Y va liviano
Mi corazón gitano
Que solo entiende de latir
A contramano.

No pressure.... no diamonds

Live in the sunshine, live for the moments, drink the wild air, be uncommon, be free of mind

And paint your toe nails blue... (and maybe add some glitter too!)

Slumber on, my little gypsy sweetheart,
Dream of the field and the grove.
Can you hear me, hear me in that dreamland
Where your fancies rove?

And of course, every bohemian girl needs their own gypsy wagon... aunque sea en su mente (if only in your dreams)

So please, come into my caravan and make yourself comfortable.

I remember walking up the gypsy-crammed streets of Madrid as a little girl dreaming of my own gypsy caravan decked in pink silks, and painted with traditional Romany scroles...
Those were some happy dreams, but today I'm feeling extra happy, because well, I'm finally living my dream--in a way.
You see, this is no caravan nor wagon....
This is just our new tent trailer! And I'm super happy super ecstatic-y!  Yeepee!

I'm so so in love with our new tent trailer "Bella Rosa". Bella Rosa is a Coachman Clipper with 2 large beds at either end which sleep 4 comfortably. The dining table folds down to make a small bed for additional sleeping arrangements. It comes with a small fridge a sink that can be hooked up to running water, a furnace that runs on propane or can be hooked up to electricity, and a two burner stove.  And it's all brand new! 

We're counting down to our first camping expedition of the year, tomorrow!

Bella Rosa is not all in gypsy bohemian style, as my sweet Mr. Peterpan would not allow it, but at least my part of the tent is!  ;)  It's a humble beginning but I've always longed for something just like this all my life... I want to hung some glittery stars from the ceiling and I want pink streamers and some fun ceiling danglers, but for now I'm more than happy with how it looks... so cozy and chic and dreamy...

Well my friends, it is getting late, and you should probably go before you can no longer find your way home. But if you ever feel that gypsy wanderlust, or are in need of a bit of magic, please come back.  See you soon!  Night-night!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

God in the garden

Then, in the garden... a taste of magic in the air; a shadow here, an angel there...

It's spring time... it's magic! The earth has been awaken by golden sunshine, tree branches are filling up with joyful buds, tulips are embellishing the earth; which in turn, is dressing up in supple greens, and velvety splendor... like a joyful magic carpet...

I have so much to say, so much I'd like to share, but words escape me... only feelings, the consciousness of beauty and the power that is around me... and thoughts--thoughts and beliefs that hover from my heart, like magical butterflies are possible these days...

A light is shinning upon the garden. It's a different light. It leads me to my Creator every day. And there I am, to the world, apparently alone; yet I'm surrounded by the Light, my eyes may not see the spiritual realities that surround me, but I know I am not alone.

"O world invisible, we view thee,
O world intangible, we touch thee,
O world unknowable, we know thee,
Inapprehensible, we clutch thee!"

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My happy little things...

I want to live in a simple world... with simple people around me. A world where we don't have to feel pressured to accomplish big things... even as a child I knew that life is made up of little things... Little things may seem nothing to some, but to me, little things have big meanings.... like meadow flowers, and waking up to the first flock of Robins in the garden... little things—they bestow joy. They give me peace.

I’m the same person (in most ways) as the little girl who grew up believing that butterflies were fairies in disguise. I still get passionately enthusiastic about little things... like running against the wind and jumping around like a ballerina in the air... and of course, I love love playing house in my house when nobody is around...

Roses from summers past... lovely and nostalgic

No room is complete without roses..


Little roses big roses pretty roses...

Love that deep dish with the roses design... a thrift store treasure.  And the vintage book on the left with the lovely roses on the cover--I made it.

Love my wallpapared wall

From Arabella de Aragon to Otilia Micaela De Luna to Anastasia De Castellanos to my grandmother and my mother; we've been gypsies at heart and in real life for centuries.

"Half the joy of life is in little things taken on the run... but let us keep our hearts young and our eyes open that nothing worth our while shall escape us".  Victor Cherbuliez

Have a nice week everyone!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the garden...

It has been cold and windy for days and weeks. Wind has its own song to sing, and thus, it would not depart until the last note has been sung. Hence, I've been patiently waiting. Waiting for the thrill and wonder of silence, and the stillness which follows the departure of gusty winds and blustery weather.

Nevertheless, I've been working in the garden incessantly; which to me it simply is the essence of bliss and a joyful life, and total wellbeing.

And what delight it brings to my soul the stanza sung by the sun... the earth has been awaken by golden sunshine, tree branches are heavy with joyful buds, tulips are embellishing the earth; which in turn, has dressed in supple greens, and velvety splendor... like a joyful magic carpet...

Oh I know... when you wish sunshine you wish joy, you wish peace, happiness and magic...  I'm telling you... it's magic... magic will happen.

And thus, I'm free; free in spirit
free in Nature and the peace it offers...

I've dug up a new flower bed, and planted a Climbing Orchid Masterpiece rose there. I've also bought an Iceberg floribunda rose and planted it in the Golden Unicorn garden, or the rotunda where roses are queens, along with the delphiniums and peonies.

I have discovered two new peony bushes growing in the rotunda this year... like magic, they have risen up and swelled.

I'm learning that as a garden matures plants will reseed themselves. When the seeds ripen the seed pod explodes, sending its seed in all directions. Thereafter, flowers will come up in the garden beds in which they were planted, and sometimes in beds across or closed to it...

But there are other times when, well, plants just would pop up from the grown like magic... plants and flowers that you hadn't planted, or otherwise would have never grown there, if it wasn't because they were gifted to you... 

And thus, these flowers would emerge where they are not suppose to or where you hadn't anticipated planting them, but they're always in the right place; always little blessings like stars scattered all over the land. 

I like to call these flowers I didn't plant "heavenly surprises"—little gifts from my Heavenly Father... I'm always so thankful for these gifts...

And the porch is looking so lovely in pastels...  

Chairs in pink, blue, green and yellow and the table in white.  So lovely. 

Soon we will be sleeping in roses...  our master bedroom's window covered in roses... Oh oh what is that?  Is that a ghost reflected in the window?  Can you see it?    

Oh I think I have an idea who that is... it must be the Lady on the Moor I'm sure. Ah yes, we see her every evening when the sun goes down wondering the moors as she treads in silence and looks out into the darkness descending upon her. People say that long long ago she was Mr. Darcy's Girl. But nobody really knows for sure... She must be looking for him.

OK, I agree—delusional fantasists suck! ;) Why must I be like this? But really, there's a woman who roams the moor, and there's a little girl with wings like a bird and there's a world above the world where people much like ourselves gather and have coffee and tend gardens like ours... oh oh and wait until you hear the creepy tale I have to tell... remember the kitty called "Mystery" in my garden? Oh dear me, I saw him again today, and what a scare he gave me.... would you believe it if I told you that "Mystery" isn't a cat any longer? Ah yes, he's a creepy little thing now... Someone; some wizard or something has turned him into the "Chupacabras"... creepy creepy creepy. Pictures coming soon.

Good night friends