Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Magical cats in a magical garden

Cats—they're such intriguing creatures. I believe that cats and gardens are much equivalent in their nature. When I think of a garden, I think of cats. Cats love to ramble in green lush places and explore shadowy enigmatic areas, and perhaps.... perhaps that's why they love coming here? Or is it more like maybe I'm a cat whisperer and haven't discovered my real powers yet?

After all, anything and everything can, and would happen in a magical garden you know... and even if it isn't real magic, we can always pretend it is.  And that's the real magic right there!

The truth is, the strangest of felines would appear in my garden from time to time. I call these fur creatures "magical cats", because... well, they truly are! You see, they seem to appear out of thin air and always always, would vanish into thin air as well.... Just like that—out of nowhere back to where they came from; mysterious, and undisturbed. Much like magic!

The first kitty that ever appeared in my garden was "Feelings". Perhaps I should had named him "Night", as Feelings used to come to me late at night every night, when I couldn't sleep and used to go outside and talk to the moon.

But instead, I named him Feelings.  It was obvious to me that Feelings was his absolute true name. You see, Feelings could read my emotions and thoughts. He could tell what thoughts and feelings were flowing through me. The most amazing thing ever was, Feelings knew exactly how to respond to those feelings and emotions with the right approach.  Almost like magic! It never failed.

Then, there was "Morning".

I met Morning soon after we moved to the house in the roses.  She seemed fascinated by me.  And at first kept staring at me for the longest time... Morning loved to be my shadow in the mornings; hence the name I chose for her. She loved to follow me around with quiet chirrups and purrs. And after a while loved to be held and cuddled. She was by far the sweetest cat that has ever appeared in my garden. Sadly, like with every other cat that have ever showed up here, one day Morning vanished, disappeared without a trace.  I've never seen her again.

A few years ago, a very mysterious looking cat materialized in my garden...

I couldn't come up with a name or figure out his spirit.... somehow, the right feelings kept escaping my mind... too many faces he had; too few clues. Until finally a reader from my blog suggested a name—Watcher. 

Watcher never smiled; nor he ever spoke to me in any way.  It seemed to me back then that he was sent here just to watch me.. watch over me as I ambled through the garden... so Watcher it was.  The name suited him perfectly.  Then one day, Watcher vanished as mysteriously as he had come.  I had never seen him again.

A new magical cat has appeared in my garden recently.

Every day he comes to visit. Out of thin air he would shows up; sniffing the air, lifting his head; squinting his eyes; gathering information as quietly and mysterious as only a cat can be... we would stroll the garden slowly, smelling the ground, surveillance the skies with dreamy eyes...

Then, all of a sudden he would get a whiff of something really fascinating; he would open up his mouth, inhale, swiftly turn around, and fix his eyes straight on me... even when I'm as quietly as one can be behind the window inside the house...

Fascinated by such gifted eyes, I can hardly move and won't brake the stare. This kitty certainly knows how to speak with his eyes... I think he's trying to show me the maps to the stars.... that's it!  That's how powerful his stare is... he possesses a certain humanoid looking, don't you think so? I think he was annoyed at me!  Kind of creepy! ;)

Sometimes, I see him wearing this curious little kitty necklace, which has some sorts of a magical blue ball attached to it.... can you see it?

But sometimes, he doesn't wear it... have you ever seen anything like that? No tags; nothing. Just that curious blue collar and ball.

Have you guessed his name yet?  I've named him "Mystery", of course!  Mystery is a real mystery.  As much as I've try to determine where Mystery comes from and, particularly where to he disappears, I haven't had any luck thus far.  It's all a mystery to me. The other morning, I practically spent hours watching him as he dreamed and dozed off in the garden, then, one minute I turned around and puff... he was gone!  Where did he go to?

Somewhere... oh somewhere in my garden there must be a magical door to another dimension... I'm sure! But of course, this is the beginning of spring; a real magical time. And then, hocus pocus, abracadabra, trees that looked dead are suddenly laden with buds, pussywillows are in bloom, daffodils are swaying, the hard ground is soft, crows and blackbirds and chickadees are back at the feeders. Bees are buzzing, and if all isn’t well with the world, it is at least better. Real magic to me, indeed!


  1. The pictures are amazing as for the cats, they do look magical and beautiful :) They must have a soft spot for your magical garden :)

  2. The pictures are amazing as for the cats, they do look magical and beautiful :) They must have a soft spot for your magical garden :)

  3. Enchanting! I love ALL animals :)


  4. Sweet post. They really have an intriguing character.I couldn't love them more. Deb

  5. I love your thoughts on these cats that cross your path.


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