Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the garden...

It has been cold and windy for days and weeks. Wind has its own song to sing, and thus, it would not depart until the last note has been sung. Hence, I've been patiently waiting. Waiting for the thrill and wonder of silence, and the stillness which follows the departure of gusty winds and blustery weather.

Nevertheless, I've been working in the garden incessantly; which to me it simply is the essence of bliss and a joyful life, and total wellbeing.

And what delight it brings to my soul the stanza sung by the sun... the earth has been awaken by golden sunshine, tree branches are heavy with joyful buds, tulips are embellishing the earth; which in turn, has dressed in supple greens, and velvety splendor... like a joyful magic carpet...

Oh I know... when you wish sunshine you wish joy, you wish peace, happiness and magic...  I'm telling you... it's magic... magic will happen.

And thus, I'm free; free in spirit
free in Nature and the peace it offers...

I've dug up a new flower bed, and planted a Climbing Orchid Masterpiece rose there. I've also bought an Iceberg floribunda rose and planted it in the Golden Unicorn garden, or the rotunda where roses are queens, along with the delphiniums and peonies.

I have discovered two new peony bushes growing in the rotunda this year... like magic, they have risen up and swelled.

I'm learning that as a garden matures plants will reseed themselves. When the seeds ripen the seed pod explodes, sending its seed in all directions. Thereafter, flowers will come up in the garden beds in which they were planted, and sometimes in beds across or closed to it...

But there are other times when, well, plants just would pop up from the grown like magic... plants and flowers that you hadn't planted, or otherwise would have never grown there, if it wasn't because they were gifted to you... 

And thus, these flowers would emerge where they are not suppose to or where you hadn't anticipated planting them, but they're always in the right place; always little blessings like stars scattered all over the land. 

I like to call these flowers I didn't plant "heavenly surprises"—little gifts from my Heavenly Father... I'm always so thankful for these gifts...

And the porch is looking so lovely in pastels...  

Chairs in pink, blue, green and yellow and the table in white.  So lovely. 

Soon we will be sleeping in roses...  our master bedroom's window covered in roses... Oh oh what is that?  Is that a ghost reflected in the window?  Can you see it?    

Oh I think I have an idea who that is... it must be the Lady on the Moor I'm sure. Ah yes, we see her every evening when the sun goes down wondering the moors as she treads in silence and looks out into the darkness descending upon her. People say that long long ago she was Mr. Darcy's Girl. But nobody really knows for sure... She must be looking for him.

OK, I agree—delusional fantasists suck! ;) Why must I be like this? But really, there's a woman who roams the moor, and there's a little girl with wings like a bird and there's a world above the world where people much like ourselves gather and have coffee and tend gardens like ours... oh oh and wait until you hear the creepy tale I have to tell... remember the kitty called "Mystery" in my garden? Oh dear me, I saw him again today, and what a scare he gave me.... would you believe it if I told you that "Mystery" isn't a cat any longer? Ah yes, he's a creepy little thing now... Someone; some wizard or something has turned him into the "Chupacabras"... creepy creepy creepy. Pictures coming soon.

Good night friends


  1. Always so interesting to visit your pretty posts.

    So glad spring has finally sprung- hope we have nice weather and it doesn't get too hot too fast like it usually does....we just had snow a few weeks ago!

  2. Your summery porch looks so pretty and inviting. We have had strong winds blowing in recent days too and that's the one kind of weather that keeps me indoors I'm afraid. Spring is a long time coming this year but will be extra beautiful when she does arrive.

  3. Oh, Alas! We have freeze warnings here... I have not spent time with the earth in too long... It is a friend I've neglected!

    I love these photographs of your incoming beauty... and the Lady of the Moor? She's the beautiful friend fairy, I think.

  4. What a delightful magical creature you are, and I adore all your whimsy and musings....precious. I love gardening and wish I could plant those kinds of flowers you have up north, peonies, delphiniums, roses, etc....but in this sub tropic region we are limited. But I just posted lots of pics of what I've planted recently you may enjoy, and I can't wait for the flowering seeds to show up their colors!. fairy blessings! lady

  5. Dearest Cielo ~ visiting you is like walking into a beautiful fantasy world. Your words just carry me away into another world where flowers are scattered by the moon and bloom in the morning sun. :) Thank you....for being you and for having such a beautiful spirit! ♥

    xoox laurie

  6. All your photos are so beautiful and magical, you've got a special talent. I love visiting your blog, it always helps me unwind and feel like I am in a totally different world.


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