Friday, April 26, 2013

Gypsy love


Bohemian at Heart

Y va liviano
Mi corazón gitano
Que solo entiende de latir
A contramano.

No pressure.... no diamonds

Live in the sunshine, live for the moments, drink the wild air, be uncommon, be free of mind

And paint your toe nails blue... (and maybe add some glitter too!)

Slumber on, my little gypsy sweetheart,
Dream of the field and the grove.
Can you hear me, hear me in that dreamland
Where your fancies rove?

And of course, every bohemian girl needs their own gypsy wagon... aunque sea en su mente (if only in your dreams)

So please, come into my caravan and make yourself comfortable.

I remember walking up the gypsy-crammed streets of Madrid as a little girl dreaming of my own gypsy caravan decked in pink silks, and painted with traditional Romany scroles...
Those were some happy dreams, but today I'm feeling extra happy, because well, I'm finally living my dream--in a way.
You see, this is no caravan nor wagon....
This is just our new tent trailer! And I'm super happy super ecstatic-y!  Yeepee!

I'm so so in love with our new tent trailer "Bella Rosa". Bella Rosa is a Coachman Clipper with 2 large beds at either end which sleep 4 comfortably. The dining table folds down to make a small bed for additional sleeping arrangements. It comes with a small fridge a sink that can be hooked up to running water, a furnace that runs on propane or can be hooked up to electricity, and a two burner stove.  And it's all brand new! 

We're counting down to our first camping expedition of the year, tomorrow!

Bella Rosa is not all in gypsy bohemian style, as my sweet Mr. Peterpan would not allow it, but at least my part of the tent is!  ;)  It's a humble beginning but I've always longed for something just like this all my life... I want to hung some glittery stars from the ceiling and I want pink streamers and some fun ceiling danglers, but for now I'm more than happy with how it looks... so cozy and chic and dreamy...

Well my friends, it is getting late, and you should probably go before you can no longer find your way home. But if you ever feel that gypsy wanderlust, or are in need of a bit of magic, please come back.  See you soon!  Night-night!