Monday, March 29, 2010

Love in the garden

It is written on the quilt of grass
In the shape of a daffodil print
Some strands of butterfly wing
A flower scent
There is no word to define the joy,
No measure...

Where your heart sings is where your feet will dance. Is it that simple?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to “Show Off Your Cottage Monday”, a blog party I host at the beginning of each week to celebrate the things we love about our homes and how we live. It is still cold around here, and dark Stratus clouds layered and covered most of the sky... but the promise of spring lingers behind a gloomy horizon… Nothing signals the end of a long winter and the promise of spring as gloriously as the reappearance of the robins in my garden and the happy faces of pansies...

Today, I'm celebrating the joy that comes to light when sunny days appear. Ah, the sense of warmth, both bold and bright that embraces me each time the skies are clear... a moment’s peace, a sacred calm and stillness within my palms...

Are you a sun seeker? Or do you prefer the solitude of winter? What are you celebrating today about your home or life? I'd love to hear about it. Add your link below, just please be sure to:

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Color in the garden

It’s time to paint the yard pink, or red, or yellow, or purple... Or any combo thereof... 

All you need is a vision of what you want to see in your yard.

Are you ready for some color? 

 I know I am!

  Happy weekend, everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you a fufu girl?

Are you a “fufu” girl? When it comes to home decorating, I have to say I favor the clean and light elements of a simpler decor, but I am much the girly girl type, and do love to be surrounded by beautiful things, so when I start going a little crazy with all the prettiness around this house, my husband stomps his feet and brings me back to reality... sometimes, though, that doesn’t work. It’s hard to come back to the dullness of reality. So what is one to do when enough nonsense around the house is not enough? I would head straight to the porch and keep dreaming out there... besides, is so much fun playing girly girl under the sun!

Cookies are ready, and so is tea. Would you care to join me?

I'm joining Sandi, Rhondi, Lady Katherine and Marty, at Tabletop Tusday! Come see!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

It’s cold and cloudy out there, small clouds have blown together and the sun just can’t get through them… its mitten weather again; or so it seems, but I have found the cutest skirt in anticipation to the change of seasons, and I love the blue irises in the garden, and can't wait for the daffodils and tulips to bursts their buds open, and of course, I'm so head over heels over my new shoes!
I love pointy toe pumps… who wouldn't! Even the simplest outfit appear glamorous when paired with some elegant looking pointy toe dress pumps... I can never have enough pointy toe shoes, so when I saw these leather lizard-look pumps at my favorite thrift store the other day, they were candy to my eyes. The mark reads “Bandolino” but I’m not sure it’s authentic. Well, I don’t mind that… I follow my heart, and not the actual value of the object, when it comes to purchasing something at the thrift store. If I love it (and can afford it), I buy it... I love it even more when the price is only $6.99.
And then…. of course, I saw these gorgeous jeweled summer sandals, and they had my name written all over them… “buy me buy me”—they screamed! Now, that wouldn't have been nice leaving them there, would it?
Life is good!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding the divine in every day

What do you do when you happened upon a pretty orphaned teacup or saucer at your favorite thrift store? Do you buy it or figure you won’t have any use for it because either the matching teacup or saucer is missing?

I found these three lovely orphaned saucers at a thrift store the other day and immediately felt in love with them… I couldn’t find their matching cups anywhere, but that didn’t stopped me from bringing them home. I knew exactly what to do…

I knew my everyday plain-Jane (but gorgeous to me) white cups didn’t mind a little flare…

My pretty saucers have served me well… these white cups, (it almost seem they're made out of lace doen't it!) I bought at another thrift store a while a go didn’t have matching saucers either...

But now they do! Lovely new saucers meant to be just for them!

Some of my favorite plates and china are also mismatched orphaned thrift store treasure too pretty to leave behind… finding the divine in every day is so divine, isn't it!

And oh have you noticed? I've made some cupcakes! Won't you stay for a while?

I'm getting so much better with my merengue (Spn) these days...

What would a simple white cup be without a lovely saucer? A cupcake without some yummy cream cheese frosting? (My favorite ever!) Whether it's a warm glaze drizzled over a bundt cake or a fluffy frosting topping festive cupcakes, that sweet swirl of sugar, milk, butter, and flavorings gives desserts a perfect sweet finish, doesn’t it! I'm joining Sandi, Rhondi, and Lady Katherine for some tea! Come see!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you ever felt lonely? I felt lonely this morning. The Café was buzzing with people, yet I found myself plagued by the gnawing emptiness of loneliness. Loneliness is a universal emotion, and has surprisingly little to do with being alone. I cherish my moments of solitude, silence is deep as eternity, and it is in silence that God is known; however, you could bask in the blissful peace of solitude, and still feel lonely.

Loneliness is not a pleasant feeling, but we need to remind ourselves that a certain amount of loneliness is normal and natural. It's also necessary. If you're never alone, you might not find out who you really are because you don't get the chance to look at yourself apart from others.

So good day to you my lonesome friends out there! Today I invite you to maintain a state of positive expectations about people and situations, including a positive state of energy in your thoughts and emotions. There is a whole new world waiting for you as the day breaks. A beautiful world, even if you have to travel it alone. So cheer up, and enjoy your morning coffee!

Ps: If you are visiting the house in the roses for the first time, or any time, I invite you to come back this Sunday evening for a special feature of "Show Off Your Cottage Monday". You would not want to miss it! See you then.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Of spring and rain and robins

In a small but pleasant garden sits a little girl all alone, and she looks at the garden with a mixture of amazement and disappointment all together, for drops that are not dew are falling softly upon the grass, and again the weather has turned cold and dreary, and the new irises, who looked wonderingly up, seem to be shivering in the wind...

The little girl believed in comfort food, and thus, before going outside to sit here she made herself a "soothing cup of comfort". The feeling of comfort and warmth she gets from drinking the delicious cup of steamy chocolate should be enough to cheer her up, but she’s still upset... how could she not! She was so into spring already, and now...

A cold wind lift the scent of wet earth as raindrops make little puddles of water and sing enchanted songs. Yes, it is raining, and cold and the morning has that sad grayish feel to it that makes you shiver and wonder about life... the little girl cannot understand Mr. Weather, cannot believe how drastically his mood changes from day to day, for only yesterday was warm, and sunny and the sky was so blue and so clear, and she had decided to spring clean the garden and back porch, and she pruned the rest of the roses, and cleaned every birdbath in the garden, and now she sits here, out looking the lonesome garden, shivering in the wind because winter had decided to return... or so she thinks...

Oh she cannot say that she dislikes the feeling of coziness and ease that comes with rain. In fact, she loves rain and loves the soothing tic-tic-tic-tac song of the rain... is cold what she cannot take; not a bit more! But then... something, or someone is calling. Can you hear it?

"Little girl, tell me why you weep," said a low voice in her ear; and, looking up, the child beheld an angelic figure standing on a far distance in the garden; a lovely face smiled on her... her shining wings were folded on a white and glittering robe that fluttered in the wind.

"Who are you, lovely thing?" cried the little girl, smiling through the rain… "I am the fairy of your garden, little child and I have come to cheer you up... Look up!" She said, and as the little girl turned her head up, there it was... a robin perched on the highest branch!

The little girl was thrilled, for she knew that the surest sign of spring of all is not the leaves in bud, but the appearance of the robin… Yes, a robin is considered a harbinger of spring... but there was more surprises awaiting, for then a second robin flew by, as if to assure the little girl that spring is really right around the corner. And there they were, two little heralds of spring the garden fairy sent! The little girl could not be happier!

"Wait --the robins seem to be saying-- Be patient. The storm will pass. Spring will come."

What are the birds saying to you in your own little part of the world?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A thing for roses and "White Wednesday"

Have I ever mentioned I have "a thing for roses"?

Ah yes... I have a passion for all things rosy – real and faux.

Are roses your favorite flowers too? Click here to learn what your favorite roses mean in the very special language of flowers.

Have a rosy day! I'm participating and linking this post to White Wednesday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Fever in the Garden

It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

Awake, thou wintry earth -

Fling off thy sadness! Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth your ancient gladness! ~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn" From now on, here is where I'm living...

Come, enter the garden and rest, and may the sweet serenity of growing things, and the heavenly peace, be mirrored in the soul.
Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Delicious morning!

There is something about mornings that fascinate me. Golden rays of light pour into the kitchen, soflty lifting the gloom of the night, tiny speaks of sundust flutters around, like little magical butterflies, the birds are chirping in the branches of the flowering pear tree, and on our table my favorite bowls are steaming hot with café con leche.

... And then....
There is bread... warm, delicious out-of-the-oven mouth watering French bread...

Fingers anticipate the breaking of the bread, the soft tender part awaits to be robed with butter and mermelada de naranja or confitura de fresas (orange jam or strawberry preserves).

My mouth waters, the sun shines, my heart is singing...

Ahhh, let the day begin!

Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Mine certainly is!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Joy in the cool morning

The morning has awoken with a new smile on its glorious face... the sun is shining high on the bluest of sky and the birds are happily chirping and singing a pristine song—the song of the new season. It is Sunday, the last day of February; the gloom of winter is beginning to fade in the horizon...

Sunrise stares into my eyes, all is quiet... It’s such a lovely morning. A new day has been gifted, I want to live it to its fullest, drink in every minute of it, every sound, scent and feel. Would you not come along with me for a stroll in the park? Good. Put on your comfy shoes, dog on leash... let's go!

This would be our point of start—the rose garden.

It’s still early morning, I can imagine people in warm houses, either sleeping or snuggling under comfy comforters and blankets... but I like to be here. The park is a peaceful and serene island; a magical place where rose bushes silently wait to be awaken from their slumber and wildlife sings hymns to their Creator... There’s not a tourist to be seen, not a skater or bicyclist in view, not a movement or a sound to be heard, except maybe for those of the few birds and ducks rummaging the park, and from time to time the high pitch call of the peacocks in the zoo, across the park. The fresh morning air is invigorating; aloof at times. I walk at a swift pace, multihued vibrant scarf around neck, rosy cheeks; hair wild in wind... I can hear the river chanting its own praises... I can’t exactly say what’s in a quiet woody river bank that so enchants me... there’s this feeling of loneliness to it that speaks to my soul; a sort of mystery floating in the air, a quiet hum that seems to flow and grow as the river opens, and then it grows into sounds and words from some unseen ghosts... One can hear their voices... yesterday’s voices; voices yet to be heard. I looked for faces in the river, but all I could see was the refleccion of the trees in its green mossy bottom... Every animal I found in the trail seemed to be comfortable with altitudes (for some unknown reason.) Like these kitties enjoying the morning sun on their balcony...
Or this Angora cat sitting comfortably on a third floor terrace...
Birds high up in the sky
Ducks chatting on a high plank above the river...
Squirrels in their treetops...
I took a deviation on the path to visit the Nature Center.... at this time of the day this place is a magical enchanted paradise with its delicious flora and wildlife, singing creeks and mossy littler streams where I could see the fairies and sprites playing, and leaping from stone to stone... Before going back, I sat for a while on this bench out-looking the endless river. A wonderful serene feeling shrouded me... peace beyond description.
Perhaps, sensing the magic of the moment, this little fellow came to say hello...
I’m ready to go back now. Are you ready? The park would be starting to get alive; swarming with activity by now... walkers, runners, skateboarders, bicyclists, lonely people, happy people... you’d find all sort of people on our way back... but what matters here is how you feel... how you feel about yourself, about the life that has been giving to you, about life it self....
May each new day bring a new beginning into your life... new hope, a new light to guide you and to protect you.
I'm participating in "Outdoor Wednesday, at A southern daydreamer.