Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

It’s cold and cloudy out there, small clouds have blown together and the sun just can’t get through them… its mitten weather again; or so it seems, but I have found the cutest skirt in anticipation to the change of seasons, and I love the blue irises in the garden, and can't wait for the daffodils and tulips to bursts their buds open, and of course, I'm so head over heels over my new shoes!
I love pointy toe pumps… who wouldn't! Even the simplest outfit appear glamorous when paired with some elegant looking pointy toe dress pumps... I can never have enough pointy toe shoes, so when I saw these leather lizard-look pumps at my favorite thrift store the other day, they were candy to my eyes. The mark reads “Bandolino” but I’m not sure it’s authentic. Well, I don’t mind that… I follow my heart, and not the actual value of the object, when it comes to purchasing something at the thrift store. If I love it (and can afford it), I buy it... I love it even more when the price is only $6.99.
And then…. of course, I saw these gorgeous jeweled summer sandals, and they had my name written all over them… “buy me buy me”—they screamed! Now, that wouldn't have been nice leaving them there, would it?
Life is good!
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