Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Of spring and rain and robins

In a small but pleasant garden sits a little girl all alone, and she looks at the garden with a mixture of amazement and disappointment all together, for drops that are not dew are falling softly upon the grass, and again the weather has turned cold and dreary, and the new irises, who looked wonderingly up, seem to be shivering in the wind...

The little girl believed in comfort food, and thus, before going outside to sit here she made herself a "soothing cup of comfort". The feeling of comfort and warmth she gets from drinking the delicious cup of steamy chocolate should be enough to cheer her up, but she’s still upset... how could she not! She was so into spring already, and now...

A cold wind lift the scent of wet earth as raindrops make little puddles of water and sing enchanted songs. Yes, it is raining, and cold and the morning has that sad grayish feel to it that makes you shiver and wonder about life... the little girl cannot understand Mr. Weather, cannot believe how drastically his mood changes from day to day, for only yesterday was warm, and sunny and the sky was so blue and so clear, and she had decided to spring clean the garden and back porch, and she pruned the rest of the roses, and cleaned every birdbath in the garden, and now she sits here, out looking the lonesome garden, shivering in the wind because winter had decided to return... or so she thinks...

Oh she cannot say that she dislikes the feeling of coziness and ease that comes with rain. In fact, she loves rain and loves the soothing tic-tic-tic-tac song of the rain... is cold what she cannot take; not a bit more! But then... something, or someone is calling. Can you hear it?

"Little girl, tell me why you weep," said a low voice in her ear; and, looking up, the child beheld an angelic figure standing on a far distance in the garden; a lovely face smiled on her... her shining wings were folded on a white and glittering robe that fluttered in the wind.

"Who are you, lovely thing?" cried the little girl, smiling through the rain… "I am the fairy of your garden, little child and I have come to cheer you up... Look up!" She said, and as the little girl turned her head up, there it was... a robin perched on the highest branch!

The little girl was thrilled, for she knew that the surest sign of spring of all is not the leaves in bud, but the appearance of the robin… Yes, a robin is considered a harbinger of spring... but there was more surprises awaiting, for then a second robin flew by, as if to assure the little girl that spring is really right around the corner. And there they were, two little heralds of spring the garden fairy sent! The little girl could not be happier!

"Wait --the robins seem to be saying-- Be patient. The storm will pass. Spring will come."

What are the birds saying to you in your own little part of the world?