Monday, April 15, 2013

Wish I knew how to sew!

I wish I knew how to sew... I remember confectioning a dress years ago when I was younger. A friend, who was a superb seamstress guided me step by step, but even with her help, it was a total disaster... I never got to wear it ;) 

Still, there are so many things I think of in my head I wish I could make!

Our youngest son who is now in law school, bought a sewing machine years ago when he was in high school, so that he could mend the holes on his pants rather than having to throw them away. You see, his momma couldn't even managed some mending stitches, so he had to do it himself... poor baby! ;)

Oh if I knew how to sew! So many things I would make! Wouldn't that be awesome? I can dream, can't I ?

I love textile and are attracted to pretty fabrics in pastels and little flowers, so whenever I find some old curtains, or tablecloth or bed linen that I like, I'd buy then, even if I know I'm not going to use them for that purpose...

So my good friend Christina, who knows how to sew lucky her, made me these cute pillow cases for my girly room, using some of the old linens I'd been collecting...

Love them!

Do you know how to sew? And what loveliness have you make lately? Do share!



  1. Oh how many times I have said that. Now that we have moved into our home Muse Cottage, I say it nearly daily as I dream of the perfect pillows, curtains and table cloths...

  2. I learned to sew when I was in 7th grade. That was back when they had home ec and I took it every year. I used to make lots of my clothes. I just bought a new brother sewing machine that does embroidery. So I've been sewing again. Right now I am working on a quilt (Dresden Plate) and some baby things.

    You can learn to sew. There are several places that have sewing lessons like Joanns Fabrics (do you have them in your area). Things like pillows and pillow cases with straight lines wouldn't be too hard. Don't start with something you want to wear. Good luck (you can do it). :)

  3. Same disaster here :) And the worse part is my mom has a beautiful gift, she's been sewing for all her life, making magical things with her talented hands. I wish I would've inherited at least a bit of this special talent...

    Lovely pictures, Cielo, as ever :)

  4. Look at it this way, your friend probably enjoys being able to sew for you, and I imagine you most likely do things for her, so it works both ways :) Maybe you could work on a project together, and learn some tips. As for your attempts, I tell people who come into my shop, not to look at them as failures, but originals!!! Best wishes, Jenny x

  5. Creating with fabrics, beautiful textile, linen and lace is where I am most at home in my heart. I lay awake in the early hours getting excited about my next vintage fabric and lace project.
    Sewing these very pretty pillow cases would be such an excellent place to start if you could find some real desire within to learn.
    I have just completed a lacey cover for the album in which to store my vintage cabinet cards and postcards.
    You may like to see it on my blog at the moment!
    I love to visit and full in love again and again with your beautiful rose images!
    Happy Springtime in your garden!

  6. I can sew just enough to get by. Straight seams, mostly, like pillows, etc. If it gets complicated, I'm not the person you want sewing. But simple stuff, yes! Maybe you could take a couple of classes.

    I love your girly room. The pillow cases are awesome!!

  7. I taught myself how to sew in my early teens, thoughout my life it has been the most worthly skill I have, aside from cooking; I don't know how I would have gotten by without it, both for home decorating and clothing. You know it is never too could still learn.


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