Monday, September 10, 2012

Decorating my favorite room, Part II

After reading your comments on an earlier POST about my desire to paint this little dresser you see here, I debated for a while over paint color. What color should I choose? So many possibilities.

I didn't want my girly room looking too sweet or extra syrupy, but… well, you know me and you know how I adore pastels, and then there are pinks; the lightest and yummiest of pinks... So, yes, I end up choosing white and pink!

As sweet as it can be. Pink in its lighter tints it's delicate and serene...

I’ve always loved the old fashioned roses color of Annie Sloan’s Antoinette. If you don't know what this color looks like think about soft pale pink with a hint of brown in it so the pink is not too sweet. It’s a lovely color, but I must be the last person in the world too frugal to purchase the Annie Sloan paint. I just can’t justify spending that much money on paint. You can imagine how excited I was to have discovered this post here. The owner of this blog spent hours researching colors and came up with an almost exact match for each of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint’s shades. Can you believe it! How wonderful and thoughtful of her! I immediately went to Home Depot for some Behr's Plymouth Notch 180E-3 paint; a perfect match to lovely AS's Antoinette. And this is what I’ve finally end up with.

Love love love it! I'm thinking some glass drawer handles will look lovely…

Oh and I had to show you my new pillow cases...

Sweet fête of petty roses and patterns in lovely pastels

Decoupaged books I made to match the room's palette...

Faux roses with scattered real rose petals and antique key...

I love this color of paint so much, I decided to paint this stool in that same shade...
Oh and I finally made my inspiration boards... so pretty! ;)

Hope you enjoyed my pictures!

ASCP= Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Behr/SW= Sherwin Williams

If you love…. You’ll love….

• ASCP Old White SW Antique White 6119 or Behr Polished Pearl UL160-10
• ASCP Old Ochre SW Kilim Beige 6106 or Behr Pecan Sandie 700C-3
• ASCP Paloma SW Imagine 6009 or Veiled Violet SW6268
• ASCPCountry Grey SW Relaxed Khaki 6149 or Behr Baja UL160-17
• ASCP Paris Grey SW Essential Gray 6002 or Behr Sparrow 780F
• ASCP Cream SW Ivoire 6127 or Behr Hummus UL-180-17
• ASCP Versailles SW Wheat Grass 6408 or Behr Outback 390F-4
• ASCP Arles SW Viva Gold 6367 or Behr Arizona 290D-4
• ASCP Louis Blue SW Respite 6514 or Behr Sonata 530E-3
• ASCP Duck Egg Blue SW Halcyon Green 6213 or Behr Gray Morning 490F-4
• ASCP Emporer’s Silk SW Positive Red 6871 or Behr Indiscreet UL110-6
• ASCP Henrietta Behr 690F-4 Midsummer Dream
• ASCP Scandinavian Pink SW Henna Shade 6326 or Behr Terra Cotta Urn UL 120-17
• ASCP Provence SW Drizzle 6479 or Behr Gulf Winds 500F-5
• ASCP Antibes Green SW Jolly Green 6931 or Behr Caterpillar 430B-6
• ASCP Primer Red Behr Burnished Mahogany 160F-7
• ASCP Emile SW Soulmate 6270
• ASCP Chateau Grey SW Connected Gray 6165 or Behr Wilderness 390F-7
• ASCP Napoleonic Blue SW Indigo 6531 or Behr English Channel UL 230-2
• ASCP Graphite SW Tricorn Black 6258 or Behr Stealth Jet 780F-7
• ASCPOlive SW Cocoon 6173 or Behr Crocodile 380F-7
• ASCP Old Violet SW Soulful Blue 6543 or Behr Magic Spell 590F-5
• ASCP Aubusson Blue SW Temple Star 6229 or Behr Cathedral 520F-6
• ASCP Pure White Behr Powdered Snow WD-700
• ASCP French Linen Behr Ashwood 720D-4 or SW Intellictual Gray 7045
• ASCP Coco Behr Ethiopia UL 160-20 or SW Virtual Taupe 7039
• ASCP Barcelona Orange Behr Carrot Stick 204B-7


  1. Love love the color you chose. I am so glad to see all the colors that I can use without buying AS paint. I guess I am too frugal, (Or tight) to pay the price. I too love pink. You have inspired me on so many of my decorating idea. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Karie

  2. Amazing pics! The dresser and room looks lovely :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  3. O my.....It's looks so lovely and sweet...the room is wonderful I will move in right away...I just took my bedroom undone for the fifth time...and you gave me inspiration, much as what to do........It is fall and I was going to put dark colors..but not I'm tempted to do pink and white...just simply lovely...Happy Tuesday with love Janice @

  4. what a beautiful and romantic room!

  5. Gorgeous dresser and the pink is perfect!
    Love all your touches of roses!
    I have a stool I painted pink as well :)

    Deborah xo

  6. Takk for å dele denne fin blogg. Din vanskelig jobb er lønner seg. Disse er svært ultimate post og gi denne informasjonen om huskatalog

  7. Beautiful! How did you do the books?


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