Sunday, September 9, 2012

Camping tales and more...

It's been crazy busy days around here lately, but no matter how busy we are, we always make certain to stop for some much needed adventure—like one last visit to the mountains before the skies boast a leaden lowness to them and the winds get chilly and winter keep us inside for many a month to come... Oh it's always so bewitching going to the forest. If you can remember, the last time we were there something really spooky happened... you can clk HERE if you care to read about it, and yet at another time some really strange occurrence and more spookiness... click HERE if you can stand that feeling of butterflies in your stomach... and then, yesterday while camping in the forest a most bewitching tune swirled through the trees.... It pirouetted through the leaves, like a warm summer breeze, and when I went to look what that was I saw the most strangest of things on a mossy rock... what, you ask? Oh yes some strands of witch's hair... Left there by a witch, of course! It's the truth! And I have the remnants of proof from the tales.

But that's a tale to be told on another post, for now it is late and a soft bed it's calling and I must go. I just couldn't resist coming by just to say hi to you and you and you and you too! And let you know that I'm alright and keep in my hands a ample repertoire of stories that must be told and then some more ;) Would you wait for me... Oh I do hope so. See you super soon then. Good night!


  1. I will wait for your wonderful tales- you know I love to hear them...and I would LOVE to see a picture of the witch's hair!;>)(I'm thinking it might look like my own)-xo Diana

  2. Looks very mysterious, I have an intense interest about this. Wonderful tale!


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