Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Decorating my favorite rooom of the house

Do you love decorating your home? I love changing and re-arranging things around my house and decorating it using what I already have; and sometimes, throwing in some lovely little treasures here and there too. This gives such feeling of newness and freshness all around, and I never get bored of my house doing so.

I have a special girly room in my house, which I love and which I'm always decorating and re-decorating.

I was dumfounded up in the air in love with this martian green dresser you see here the minute I saw it at one of our local thrift store, and then couldn't believe my eyes... couldn't believe I'd bought it, the next minute I saw it seating in my favorite room of the house.

Do you do that sometimes—I mean, buy something out of impulse and then feel miserable for having done so? Gladly, I don’t do that very often, for I despise proceeding by impetus and then feeling wretched for it.

I couldn’t return the dresser; so I opted for some paint. I love the combination of soothing gray-blues and therefore went for it. I then replaced those awfully huge pink pulls for something a little more “refined” and voila! I was very happy with the transformation.

Not too long after that I then started noticing the awful contrast between the soothing colors of the chest against the exuberant greens and pinks of the painting above it. Just looking at it robed my peace… too many colors and combinations, too loud…

So, I returned it and brought home this loveliness here... Isn't she gorgeous!

I love this painting! And the combination of colors, just perfect! I’m so happy with it.

I thought of making a wall rack to hang some pretty thing using some free graphics from the Internet. This “thing” here is what I came up with… ha-ha! OK, I’m not the best of crafter, but I did try my best, really! ;)

I finally took the “thing” down and took it to the thrift store. A couple of days later I saw it again. It had a $7.00 sign on it—couldn’t believe they dared put it out. The following day I went by again, just out of curiosity, and what do you know… someone must have like it! For it wasn’t there anymore. ;)

I then made another wall rack using a different technique this time and a much smaller piece of recycled wood; originally part of a kitchen cabinet… I like this one a little better ;)

I'm always changing what I hang there... ;) This is what I have there right now. A bouquet of dried roses from the garden and one of my favorite summer tops.

One more thing is left for the completion of the room: This little 1960’s chest; which by the way it only cost me $12.00. Husband loves it just the way it is, and is very much against me painting it. But but but I… ;)

It needs to be painted, that's for sure! ;) Now, I just need to decide on colors… would I paint it in the same gray-blueish combo I used on the 6-drawer chest? Wouldn’t that be too much of the same color? I’m thinking of a palette of creamy white with drawers in a very light pink. But again, wouldn’t that be too many colors for just one room alone? What do you think? Your comments and thoughts would be very much appreciated... ;) Thank YOU!