Thursday, September 13, 2012

A movie and a garden…

Have you watched "Snow white and the Huntsman" yet? I watched it last night and was absolutely enchanted by it... the effects are simply stunning, and there’s this ENCHANTED FOREST that is just so enthralling, and the effects so breathtakingly beautiful. There’s a place in the Enchanted Forest called The Sanctuary—home of the fairies, that is absolutely delightful. It’s a moss covered paradise where flowers erupt into butterflies and sparkling fairies emerge from the breasts of birds, and the mushrooms have eyes and turtles are covered in moss, and there’s this breathtakingly beautiful scene where Snow encounters a stag, white and majestic with towering antlers, in a woodland clearing... exactly what I depict HOLLOW WOODS to be—my fantastical realm, not always governed by logic, and yet so lovely to me. A must see for sure!

And then there is a real garden somewhere where I live…

It is a lovely morning here, and I’m standing in the brim of that garden contemplating my domain in all its early glory. Wild hair, body and mind loving the extra sunshine soaking into my bones; between my hands a warm cup of coffee—warming me, because mornings are already turning precariously chilly around here. But the garden loves the change, and it is bright and cheery following the cooler temperatures.

The perfume of the night garden is different, and so is the garden in itself. There is a feeling of repose and quietness to it in the opaque evenings, and as the brightness of August recedes, I see it shifting from the rather dusty and dry late summer garden, back to the lush and graceful garden of June. Brilliant green leaves have covered rose bushes that only in July were doing so poorly, and they're overflowing with new buds ready to open for a last final feat.

Every wee voice of the garden I hear; every tiny creature I see... and as I stand here saluting the new day, I’m thinking how fortunate I am to have been born in this old world of ours.

Green green, vivid green. Green must be my favorite color these days... I want my world surrounded by green. I want to walk out of my house and sit in it. My happiness is absolute when I’m here—in my enchanted garden...

And why enchanted? The occurrences ensued; the wonders, the feelings, the dreams and reveries of the mind and heart and soul. And then, the ‘intuitions’—a necessity for those visions to bear real.

And how much I love the mixture of many layers of shiny emerald and silver green leaves with splashes of roses and lilies and snapdragons...

I like to think that all the roots are joyfully mingling together underground, like siblings in a large family, and that down there, underground, where no one could see is warm and cozy and it feels like a dear house you cannot be away from it for too long.

We build enclosures that help us escape a hectic world and quietly focus on creation, but for me a chair on the garden can double as a church pew when one is fully immersed in what you see there, and hear and feel...

“The days come and go like muffled and veiled figures sent from a distant friendly party; but they say nothing, and if we do not use the gifts they bring, they carry them as silently away” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

May you find beauty and peace wherever you are...


  1. Saw it twice, you are right - it was the best part of the movie.

    LOVE your enchanted garden!

  2. I want to see that movie.

    Love your garden pictures. So beautiful and enchanted. I think the world makes us wish there were a peaceful, beautiful enchanted sanctuary somewhere.

  3. Your garden pictures are beautiful. I like Your blog, garden and roses.

  4. Lovely pictures of your garden!

  5. Wow!Those photos are enchanting! I really love the details you put in the garden. Check my page at

  6. Yes! I watched it this weekend too and completely fell in love with the enchanted fairy forest. That's exactly what I used to imagine as a little girl (still do). Thx for sharing your own enchantment :)


  7. Haven't seen it yet; I'm glad I read your post first. Your photography is lovely. ~Zuni


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