Thursday, September 16, 2010

Excerpts of my life - The enchanted Season

Autumn with its share of enchantment is almost upon us around here... we’re approaching the ever so enchanting season of all seasons: Crisp air, glowing lights, pumpkin bread and witches’ spells; not to mention the lovely Chrysanthemums in the garden, which soon will be delighting us with myriads of lovely burnt tangerine flowers for another year.
Everything around here is certainly predicting FALL. Can you not feel it too in your part of the world wherever you are? Ah yes, the crisp air reminds me that it is almost the end of September, and soon some super special guests will be gracing our home for a few days... I promise to share more on that later!

The magical evenings of September have me in the mood for pumpkin pies in the oven... Actually, I've been craving cheesecake all week! It all began with a back issue of Country Living Magazine and the most scrumptiolicious recipe for cheesecake ever there!

Apple-walnut cheesecake!

You mix all ingredients, put your dish in the oven and what you'll get is pure heavens! Fresh apples, walnuts, brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon combined with cream cheese! Can you think of anything more delicious than this?

Delicious September got me also in the mood for candle lit evenings, and spooky stories. Talking about spooky stories, a very curious letter was delivered to me yesterday via black ravens! I opened it up, and all it said was, “I shall arrive under the spell of the Hunter’s Moon”.

I am wondering if anyone knows exactly what this meant. Well, I guess I already have an idea... you see, the most intriguing sparks were filling the night sky this evening as the sun was setting, and they gave me a clue... the witching season is upon us!! That most be it! Which means, I should be visited by one of then witches real soon!

I'm hoping that whomever witch decide to visit would be the most kindred spirit of them all!

I'm already gathering my herbs for our spells and getting my imagination in gear for the fun filled days ahead... I promise I won't forget to share my mead with you goddesses and kindred spirits blogger friends! Yes, it is that magical time of the year again, and I have one or two stories of the “sappy” variety already boiling in my cauldron of ideas... so, I’m hoping you won’t mind the extra sappiness you’ll be seeing around here during the upcoming weeks, in preparation for Halloween!

By the way, have you notice something lovely and wonderful sitting on my table yet? I've been wanting to draw your attention to it! I'm talking about my new precious little white vase--So perfect for a single rose bouquet! This little vase was part of the gift I received a little while ago from some very special fairies, of which I talked about here, and here, and I just love it!

The sun is bright and low in the sky, and the crisp breeze blowing across the horizon calls for some new scarves. Do you love scarves too?

I love scarves, and have two drawers filled to the brim with scarves in my closet!

Remember that Zumba class? I know some of you have asked how’s going, and oh it’s going alright! I’ve survived it and loving it too! I even got myself this totally cute jingly belly dance hip scarf with tiny gold coins that we’re suppose to use when dancing to the gypsy rhythms of Shakira’s Waka Waka song... you know how it goes:

"When you fall get up, oh oh... if you fall get up, eh eh... Tsamina mina zangalewa...Tsamina mina, eh eh.... Waka waka, eh eh...!

Something like that! Can you see me in your mind’s eye dancing in my chair as I write the lyrics? Ah yes, I’m dancing, I’m moving my hips and losing heaps of unwanted weight too!!

I’m super excited! Tee-hee!

May the creepy wonderful magical swirls of autumn dance around you. See you real soon... and don't forget to come back on Monday for another "Show Off Your Cottage Monday!