Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nature's curtains

I’m having a magical day. I’m sitting on Nature; sitting under a sky of green grapes...

What could be more romantic than sitting under a grape-covered porch sipping the fruits of your own labor? Ah yes, is pure bliss around here! The right combination of hot days and cold nights has made this a phenomenal summer for grape vines... and so, our back porch is beautifully swathed in grapes.

Tiny little finger-like twines of a magical vine wrap themselves in whatever they can get a hold on. If you are not careful enough, they’d wrap themselves around you too... especially around your hair!

Our porch is a billowing green corridor of curly grape vines right now... the vine has taken over it in a delicious way; it's like living inside Nature, or in a living tree. I particularly love how my favorite place in the whole wide world gets dappled in shade by Nature’s most wonderful curtains... and the best part of it is, I can eat them too!

Eating "Nature’s curtains" is a delicious way to get my daily doses of flavinoids!

And oh by the way, did you notice something wonderful and sweet on my table? No, not the grapes! Ah yes, a different kind of bird came to visit me today... he sits pretty on the lid of my new teapot and I just love it!

As I mentioned here, this cute teapot was a “Just Because” gift from dear Fairy Tesa and her sweet mommy... Tesa loves birds just like me, and when she saw this cute teapot she knew exactly who would love it as much as she did! The white porcelain vase (so perfect for my red roses) that came with the teapot was part of the gift too, but that I will have to show it to you later, because something that pretty it sure deserves a post all for itself...

We’re certainly approaching fall around here, and although I never ever going to love winter ever, I have to admit that cooler weather has brought some dreamy days and evenings; particularly lovely are the mellow evenings... perfects for tea hosted by elves, wouldn't you say!

Magic lingers in the evening air, you can hear the crickets chirping their nighttime lullabies until all of the sudden the gentle hum of the garden brings the world to a hush... I’m wrapped in rare calm, into that dreamy silence I immerse myself; the faintest brush of cool air against my face... and I laugh in secret joy.
I only wish I could bottle this magic and share it with you!