Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magical lights

I peeked outside last evening and gasped at the sight of the garden... what I saw made me put on my flip flops and grab my camera in a hurry. The sun was low upon the horizon and I could see light casting its warm glow among the quieted earth, trees were swaying in the mellow breezes of early autumn, and in the midst of it all there I was... enchanted by dusk!

Do you do that? I mean, do you find dusk so captivating that your whole being pulls you out from wherever you are or whatever you're doing just so you can be part of it? I do! Each evening before I close my doors to another day, I go out to the garden to say my goodbyes to the fading day. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again you know... It's like a celebration to me. I call it "the ceremony of enchantment"... and oh, tell me if this is not so!

Can you understand now why I truly believe I live in an enchanted garden? How could my imagination stand still? Ah yes, I can say "Abracadabra!" and view the world in a wonderful and magical way. Carpets fly in my garden, people travel through space, animals talk and flowers and trees wake up and talk and dance at the kiss of nightfall. There are witches too, and imps and centaurs and fauns and winged horses. Monsters inhabit its dark corners, and fairies lived down at the very bottom of my garden. I like to believe that I see a mysterious figure in a white robe, bathed in light behind the statue on this picture. Can you see it too?

It is the enchanted hour of the day, and I love catching its magic; memorizing it, feeling it. Late sun... like the finale in a fireworks show. It dazzles and delights and gives the garden a certain magical glow.

May the wonderful magical swirls of dusk dance around you. Oh, and I forgot to mentioned that The House in the Roses has received a “Top Redecorating Blogs award!” from an online school. They have considered us to be one of the best blogs in our category of interest. Isn’t this crazy? Yes, we’re so honored (not to say totally amazed!)
You can see our blog amongst the winners here