Thursday, August 26, 2010

Excerpts of my life...

Enchanted creatures? I am the Tinkerbell of my little world. I fly around this flower-laden land deadheading here, pulling weeds there, cleaning this and watering that and only stopping for a little bit to rest or maybe take time to make some refreshing fresh fruit smoothie... those delicious, creamy, frosty fruit drinks that are so wonderfully yummy on a hot afternoon in the garden...
Do you love smoothies? I love them! For a basic smoothie, I use the following:
1/2 to 1 cup fruit (I love mangoes and strawberries—my favorite) 1 cup plain or fruit yogurt (I like plain better) 1/2 cup fruit juice (I usually use orange)
Add about 4 to 5 ice cubes, or more if you like it thicker, and combine all the ingredients in a blender. Process on high until the ice is completely crushed and the drink is smooth and creamy.
I like to add a dash of cinnamon to my smoothies sometimes, or nutmeg or vanilla, you can also add honey or maple syrup... add whatever you want; be creative, there is nothing more delicious on a summer afternoon than a creamy smoothie... and smoothies are a good way to add extra nutrition to your diets too!

It’s been hot around here, I mean really hot like in the 105 degrees... I am amazed, and sometimes mystified, by how my garden thrives in the heat of August. Despite the usual amount of bugs and fungal diseases that comes with the heat of summer, my roses are as healthy as they can be, and I think they must have confused the seasons too and think is June, for they're madly putting spectacular blooms everywhere again and again! Is pure bliss! While browsing the Internet the other day I found the most delightful site, filled with gorgeous free vintage images... This one in particular brought some nostalgic tears to my eyes. It has magic powers, I tell you... like a twister in the path of memories, it takes me back in time to those days of my childhood when the most important person in my little world was my dear sister Lissette...
I remember that both Lissette and I (I am almost 2 years older than Lissette) had massive amount of hair; particularly Lissette. I can remember being at the pool in the summertime, and enviously watching our friends’ hair dry gracefully into shiny Pantene waves while ours dried leaving us looking like members of Whitesnake. It amazes me how we both, still at this point in our lives, have kept our hair long... We have this thing with Rapunzel you know...

Oh, and take a look at my new pink vintage earrings!

I found these lovely round pink vintage earrings at St. Michael’s thrift store the other day. They were in a box outside the little store, along with all the other “free stuff” they put out every day for whoever would want them... I could not believe my eyes when I saw them! I decided to wear them to the office today with my black top and black and white skirt. They certainly add an extra sassiness to the otherwise austere look. I just love them!
(Pictures taken this morning at the office.... brought my camera with me! Tee-hee!)

I received the loveliest of package yesterday from dear Fairy Tesa and her sweet mom,... a "Just Because" gift! Aren’t those gifts the best gifts ever? Just because gifts convey an extra special meaning because they are sent when there is no occasion just to make someone feel special. They speak of unconditional love to me. I am thrilled and will be showing you what I got soon... and here is the lovely Ms. Tesa (dark hair) in her pretty fairy dress... isn't she the sweetest!

I peeked outside last night and gasped at the sight of the moon... I love taking pictures of the moon although my camera is not the best for doing this. I still love what I was able to capture... the mystery of the moon behind shivering leaves... Just amazing! Oh, and did I tell you that I had to hurried up inside after I took those pictures? Ah yes, I was all alone out there in the garden taking pictures of the moon and all of a sudden it turned scary; real scary... an unfamiliar and mysterious place if you would. I could hear estrange noises amidst the bushes, unidentified creatures lurking in the growing darkness. Vines grew hair and fingers with long nails and I could hear this shallow breathing behind the darkened butterfly bushes... when I turned around, I thought I saw the creepiest of image across the water in the moon illuminated birdbath. Something cold, like a shiver I felt, and run inside. Don't you just love imagining things? I also love to hear what you have been up to lately, so would you please take me to your world and tell me all about it! And oh don't forget to come back on Monday for another "Show Off Your Cottage Monday"! You would not want to miss what we have in store for you! See you then!

Wishing you all a happy weekend. From a magical and warm and sunny garden...



  1. Hello Cielo, A beautiful post... Funny as kids we want what we don't have (and sometimes as adults :-) I have stick straight hair and vividly remember watching a lady drive by in a convertable with beautiful wild long curly hair... glorious! I spent alot of years perming and curling my own hair until I began to appreciate what I have!
    YOU.. have amazing hair!!

  2. Hi Cielo,

    I love coming here to visit you -it is like visiting fairy tale land. I always feel like I am peeking a bit into a magical, wonderful world.

    First off-we like smoothies too..usually in the morning though. And the earrings-don't you just love them? Are you like me and always wonder who possessed them in the past and where they wore them?

    As for the hair-I always had an unruly mop of hair too and Mother would tame it as best she could. I can remember people saying, "Look at the hair on that kid" I imagine they are saying , "look at the hair on that old lady." I have been straightening my hair for quite a while and just told the stylist that I am going back to what works best for me- curls...curls...curls...I still have long hair too, even after all these years...I don't know but I think at some point it becomes kind of a signature. LOL I have one granddaughter that is always kind of staring at me and she'll say...Nana-lookit your hair! lol The conversation stops there because I don't ask! Diana

  3. I love to come peaceful and beautiful

  4. Your pictures are breathtaking.


  6. O so lovely pictures today. I love them all. And the earrings. I´d love to wear like these.
    As for long hair, I decied to grow long for the first time in my life when I had my 50th birthday. Now I have long, a little curly, down my back. I´m so glad for it. Seven years of itsy bitsy cutting and sometimes a little color.It´s like having a pet ;-)
    Here in Sweden it´s cold, rainy, windy.

  7. Our dearest Cielo-- Your fairie Tesa shares yet another passion with besides beautiful flowers and birds-- she loves her smoothies :-) I will have to agree with everyone when I say- you have the most beautiful hair. As for the just because gifts--- you deserve them. You have been a blessing not only in Tesa's life-- but mine as well. We love you very much.
    Becky and Tesa

  8. I loved this post.
    I love how you can drag me out of my world and bring me into yours. I feel like I too am a Fairy when I'm here. :)
    Your roses look beautiful. Mine are not doing so great at the moment. I really need to get out there today and pretty them up. :)

    I had a good laugh at the "Whitesnake" comment. Too funny! ;p

    What have I been doing??
    Still running here and there with my kids. Soccer season is almost over and my children go back to school on the 7th.
    Once they are safely back, I will once again turn my attention to my home and begin some decorating.
    Then on the 10th, we are having a Spanish exchange student come to live with us for 2 months. We did it last year as well and LOVED it. My son Tony will go to Spain in one more year and do his part of the exchange. :) HE will be able to stay with the boys that we hosted here, which will be fun.

    Love your earring too by the way. What an amazing find!
    Have a lovey day/weekend.


  9. Absolutely lovely and beautiful post..!
    I will try the strawberry smoothie...

  10. Cielo....
    Your blog is like Fairytale land :)
    Lovely photos

  11. Cielo....
    Your blog is like Fairytale land :)
    Lovely photos

  12. Hola querida Cielo, a mi también me fascinan lo smoothies, son deliciosos!!!!
    Preciosas niñas y y muy bellas las fotos de la luna!!!
    muchos cariños,
    maria cecilia

  13. Cielo,
    What a sweet post, I love the picture of the two girls...summer rain warm and sweet. Just wonderful. I love your blog and your have a gift.

  14. Your site is always a step into a mysteriously calming adventure. I love it!

  15. One of those pink smoothies would be perfect right now...I'm taking a break from gardening (aka weeding)! Love the precious pink earrings!

  16. Hola Cielo¡¡¡

    Me encanta la entrada que has hecho. He estado solo haciendo post en Patyclau y no os he visitado con frecuencia.
    Ahora me voy a ver todos los post que me he perdido tuyos. Un abrazo fuerte

  17. Everything looks beautiful ~ especially the gorgeous little princesses.
    Happy Weekend

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  19. Your hair is beautiful. Unfortunately, I have very thin hair and my ponytail is skinnier than my pinky. I've been taking lots of pictures with my newest camera. Mostly flowers and birds and my furry babies. Yesterday, there was an injured baby squirrel in the flower bed. It's face was bloody and we nurtured it all day. I sent it to a relative who is wonderful with injured wildlife. It is still alive, but the poor dear is not doing the best. After that adventure, we had a baby rabbit under our deck. It was in good health and Holly chased it out of the yard, which makes me sad, but I was happy that it was healthy enough to be chased.
    Your smoothies look yummy. I've never made one, but am inspired to try!
    ANDREA at My Feathered Nest

  20. Cielo,
    Your hair is gorgeous! Love to visit you and read your blog. I too have a long mass of natural curls. Yes, I can say it has looked Whitesnale-like. LOL

  21. Hi, I am a new follower. Love your site. I found your site via Lindy's Cottage Hill. *hugs*

  22. HI Cielo... I think you and Anne of Green Gables would be kindred spirits...are kindred spirits :) :) :) Oh, those smoothies look really good and they coordinate with the table setting...that's NICE :) :) :) I've always loved faerie tales and you remind me to keep some of that childhood magic alive as an adult :) :) :)

    Oh, my goodness, the story you shared about you and your sister was really precious. My hair is about as curly as's very straight with a slight wave to it...I'm actually trying to grow my hair out long :) :) Wish me luck!!!

    I'm working on making some Victorian knitted lace edgings for my bookcase and any other shelf that needs some beautifying and touch of vintage romantic country Victorian/Edwardian charm :) :) :) I'm making mine out of RED this time...then I'll try a more traditional white. I'm also working. Today it's a really cool rained yesterday, finally and now everything looks absolutely heavenly...I'm not sure what "halcyon days" are...but today is what I'd imagine that to be :) :) :)

    Have a lovely week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  23. Beautiful earrings and beautiful you...

  24. Love your post, your hair, your smoothie recipe...thanks! :) Gotta follow now---you're inspiring!

    Have a wonderful day! Be sure to visit my blog for a great giveaway!

    ***Visit my blog for a GIVEAWAY and new linking party!***

  25. What a great post!? It is funny to think that in gardening you will really think of fairytales and imagine that you are a fairy godmother of the whole enchanted garden of yours. It is really funny but true.

  26. Gardening is really a fairytale when you gift your heart to it... and no, I don't imagine being the fairy godmother of my garden (which perhaps it really is enchanted-but that would be another story to tell)... if you think about it... is just the art of my imagination, my dear.


  27. I also imagine that I am a fairy the keeper of an enchanted garden especially when harvest time comes. I love the combination of your smoothies. I would love to try that one.

  28. I love smoothies too! We are really the same, mangoes and strawberries are my favorite combination. I like your pink roses. They are perfect for some candlelit dinner flower vase. The snow effect in your blog is really cute. How did you do that?


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