Thursday, September 2, 2010


My little world sits on a dream come true... A garden!
I've been busy dividing perennials, replanting and mending errors, such as moving a large rose bush that was planted in the wrong place last autumn... summer has tanned my skin, it has tattooed by body with rose thorns and my hair is wild with sunshine, petals and bits of leaves... there’s no question being out in the sun gives that good factor feel... but is more than that to me...

Summer gives my heart wings! I love to stretch out on the grass and just look at the endless blue summer sky... it almost feel as if I reach out, I could touch happiness!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the warmest season of the year runs only from June to August. This is a period of great happiness for me. After that, everything changes. It is true that each season brings its own share of magic that cannot be outshined by the next, but you always find your heart attached to a particular season... I love autumn and the predominant mood of the autumnal season, but autumn brings with it a certain melancholy that to me is always linked to the imminent arrival of harsh weather... and that is always unnerving! So of all seasons, I choose summer as the happiest of seasons!

Which is your favorite season, and why is it your favorite? I would love to hear all about it! Have a happy and safe long weekend, everyone!


  1. Hi Cielo :)



    Your Pictures are Magic :)

  2. Hola Cielo, mi estación del año favorita es el otoño, cuándo viene cálido es maravilloso pasear por el bosque plagado de hojas de tonos infinitos.
    Disfrutar del buén tiempo antes del invierno.... me hace añorar la niñez y me siento feliz.

  3. Hi Cielo! My best moments are when the autumn is just around the corner. When the trees just has a hint of gold. And the evenings are a little colder, and the air is crispy. My creativity risen and I have several months to use for crafs and inspiration.
    hugs elsamarianne

  4. I love the new header you have on your blog! Beautiful. :)

    Great pictures too. Look at you, you sexy thing. You have a granddaughter don't you??? Unbelievable.

    Truly, I enjoy all of the seasons but winter the least. It always seems that I have to go somewhere when a bad storm hits. If it's bad weather.. I'm out driving in it. Uggh!

    Autumn is my favourite. I love the changing of the leaves, the crispness of the air. I enjoy the evenings closing in earlier and feeling oh so cozy in my home. Fires in the fireplace .. the smell of baking or comfort foods cooking away in my oven.
    I love big sweaters and knee high, high heeled boots. :)
    The sun is still warm enough at times to warm my skin yet fresh and clean with that added crispness that roses my cheeks.


  5. I love all of the seasons, but the chill, the colors, the cozy clothes, and the stews and soups of autumn say home to me.

    Make no mistake, I love to look out at snow, with the larder well stocked!

    I'm so ready for springtime when it comes and adore the flowers, the fresh breezes, and gentle warmth in the air.

    Summer is wonderful or it used to be. For the last couple of years the days have been far too hot for far too long and I just wilt.

    Your pictures are wonderful and you are beautiful! Hope you feel as great as you look!



  7. I love the title to your post - that is what I am feeling today! There's a cooler feel to the air, butterflies are everywhere - summer flowers are giving their last flush of color - we are getting things done around the house - wedding preparations are falling into place.
    Just happiness!
    I love all of the seasons and the beauty they bring. We used to live in Ohio, so I understand those harsh winters. They were magical to me - the children were young- we loved capturing snowflakes on black felt - hot chocolate - making forts out of ice -
    Fall and Spring are my favorite - since we live in a hotter more humid climate Summers can be difficult - but - cooler crisper air-gives me wings! :)
    Thanks for sharing your happiness!

  8. Your garden looks beautiful!! I love autumn the best. I love all the beautiful colored leaves, and going for long walks.The crisp air is wonderful, and all the great smells in the air....Kathy

  9. Cielo - I love summer the best too. And I feel the sense of melancholy as it ends, even though I enjoy autumn and some of the winter. And being cosy in the winter with a fire in the fireplace, blankets, etc.

  10. Me ha encantado la cabecera nueva, una foto preciosa.
    La verdad es que yo estoy encantada de que entre el Otoño, me encanta.

    Un abrazo

  11. Felicitaciones por tu blog lleno de magia y encanto, las fotos maravillosas.
    Mi estación preferida…el verano por el mar, la playa, la primavera por su luz, el otoño por su color y el invieno por su calidez su intimidad.

    Un cordial saludo.

  12. Felicitaciones por tu blog lleno de magia y encanto, las fotos maravillosas.
    Mi estación preferida…el verano por el mar, la playa, la primavera por su luz, el otoño por su color y el invieno por su calidez su intimidad.

    Un cordial saludo.

  13. I too have been working in my yard moving plants and preparing beds. Still have more to do.

    I have two seasons that are my favorite. I love Spring with everything new coming forth and the air smells so fresh and clean.

    Autumn is next. For me it is family coming together at home with baking and decorating for all the upcoming holidays. The air smells so wonderful too with the scent of leaves and the crisp cool air.


  14. Hi Cielo..
    I was thinking today about how perfect todays weather is, plenty warm, but not hot. Golden sunshine all day but a cool fresh morning. To sleep like a baby again with the windows open and a blanket to snuggle under :-)
    Your roses look amazing!!

  15. My favourite season is spring. That first sunshine after a long winter, first colour in the garden. Love springflowers, especially tulips. Spring is also:Finally being able to spend time outside again after winterseason. Yeah, definitely spring!

  16. Hi Cielo...

    I love Fall but I, too, dread the winter. It is not my season at all. I miss the beauty of greenery and gardens around me. I hate feeling Old Man Winter's cold breath stinging my cheek...and miss the warm sun that shimmers through the leaves.

    Thank you, again, for another beautiful post. I love coming here...but you know that- Diana

  17. Always Such loveliness when I come to your blog..such beauty! You too are so lovely I can see...
    Im having a Give~away my 1st one! Im a bit excited! And Ive spoken about many faeries and their homes too. Come have a looksee!
    Janet from Singingwoods ox

  18. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment. Yes, I am an autumnal girl, although I suspect our hot, humid summers play a part in my love of the colder months. This particular summer here was pretty much unbearable. Even the flowers thought so. So we are all looking forward to the fall.

    You have such a beautiful blog. Thanks so much for leading me here!

  19. Would you believe I love winter cold crisp air......and love your blog

  20. hmmm hi dear..well i like that yellow roses ..beautifully placed and awesome during Summer ..yeah!
    well i like Winter most..i dont know exact reason but i believe it may be due to Slipping Beauty in the Fog which looks stunning during Winters..nice Post as usual dear!take care!

  21. Loving your new header. Gorgeous as usual. Your whole blog is beautiful, and yes, I love Summer too, the sunshine awakens my soul

  22. Dear Cielo, your banner picture is absolutely lovely, charming!!!! Tú inmersa en ese maravlloso jardín... un sueño!!!!
    Estoy feliz porque la primavera està comenzando a llegar en todo su esplendor y ya pronto podré cortar las flores de mi jardín para llenar mi casa con aromas y colores!!!!
    maria cecilia

  23. I wonder if I am the ONLY person around that loves wintertime?
    Our winters out here on the plains of West Texas are not too harsh..I seldom HAVE to leave my cottage if I don't want to...I love fires in the fireplace, stacks of firewood, stews and hot soups, hot chocolate, pretty and warm throws...snows, snow ice cream...
    I like summer but it's been awfully hot here this year...
    I actually love all the seasons..
    xo bj

  24. Hi Cielo!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, up and coming will be some tips on painting furniture. The pink and green dresser just sold and I am in the process of painting another dresser and vanity.

    I have to say that I love late summer/early fall the very best here on the Cape. Winter can be a drag and I don't like to see that coming, but these next couple of weeks are always so lovely and perfect! Cheers to you! Karen

  25. Your blog is always full of such beautiful things.
    every photo is magical
    every photo and image is breath taking
    how do you do it.
    It does indeed seem like you live in a fairy wonderland

    I visit your blog often, but don't always leave a comment.

    I am dreading the arrival of long, so cold, so dreary here in Alberta

    I love ANY season but winter.

  26. Oooh, what an enchanting blog! I must say you are JUST like Miss Lavendar from L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Avonlea. *~

  27. ahahaha! I *just* finished reading Anne of Avonlea. I'm very familiar with it. It's one of my favorites, in fact. I only mean you are like Miss Lavendar because everything on your blog is all about enchantment and fairies and flowers and little lovelies...just completely whimsical!! I love it. So endearing. *~ Of course you're not an old maid, right? and especially not with white hair. lol. But you and your blog are enchanting like her. So yes -- I am extremely familiar with L.M. Montgomery "marvelous book". ;) ;) I hope you understand now that I did not mean you are a white haired old maid! hehehehe.

  28. My favorite season is definitely autumn. All of my senses are aroused. I love the feel in the air, the smells of burning leaves, the taste of pumpkin, the colors to behold and the sound of the wind. I hate winter. I hate snow. Summer is too hot for my physical health. Spring is wonderful, as long as there are no tornados and in the midwest, we have that constant threat.
    I love bonfires and football games, wrapped up in a blanket with the one I love. I love sipping hot tea on the deck in the morning when there is need for a sweater. I don't care for Halloween, but I love the colors and the richness of fall. Fall reminds me of velvet!

  29. Reading your blog takes me away to a magical place and I concentrate so hard on it that I completely loose myself in it and I forget who I am or where I am and who are you? Here I go again, falling in and out, in and out, sleep will be upon me shortly and I will go lay down on a bed of flowers and drift off in a heavenly sleep, until tomorrow comes.....

  30. You look so beautiful! I loved the post today. I am so blessed to love ALL the seasons. It seems as if the one approaching is my favorite all times of the year. If I had to choose, I would pick autumn as my favorite. I, too, feel that melancholy, but I kind of like that feeling because it makes me think of my grandmother and her deep love for autumn. My other gramma loved the spring, so I think of her. I actually adore snow, so the winter has its temptations. My dad was a summer freak! So, you see I have it all. Autumn ranks number one because of the colors, the absence of extreme heat and usually storms, which I didn't use to like, but I do now.... and winter is lovely because of the cozy factor and the long nights... I love an envelope of dusky darkness around my house. Thanks for the pretty pictures. I love your blog with all my heart.

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  32. Hi Cielo!
    Lovely post, thanks for hosting:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana


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