Thursday, September 2, 2010


My little world sits on a dream come true... A garden!
I've been busy dividing perennials, replanting and mending errors, such as moving a large rose bush that was planted in the wrong place last autumn... summer has tanned my skin, it has tattooed by body with rose thorns and my hair is wild with sunshine, petals and bits of leaves... there’s no question being out in the sun gives that good factor feel... but is more than that to me...

Summer gives my heart wings! I love to stretch out on the grass and just look at the endless blue summer sky... it almost feel as if I reach out, I could touch happiness!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the warmest season of the year runs only from June to August. This is a period of great happiness for me. After that, everything changes. It is true that each season brings its own share of magic that cannot be outshined by the next, but you always find your heart attached to a particular season... I love autumn and the predominant mood of the autumnal season, but autumn brings with it a certain melancholy that to me is always linked to the imminent arrival of harsh weather... and that is always unnerving! So of all seasons, I choose summer as the happiest of seasons!

Which is your favorite season, and why is it your favorite? I would love to hear all about it! Have a happy and safe long weekend, everyone!