Monday, October 14, 2013

The garden at the House in the roses...

Stepping into my garden again... something magical, something new, something marvelous and poignant filled me with a wild, childish pleasure in being barefooted and dirty and dancing in the wind; a delicious feeling that I had not had for months. Yeah you know the feeling... of being transported through some magic door to another place in time. Alice in Wonderland after she had drunk the contents of the magic bottle, could not have grown smaller before such grandeur; more suddenly aware of how wonderful and sweet and magical this garden is and how much I love it. 

I could hardly believed my eyes the moment I looked around and saw my rose bushes overflowing with roses... bushes in full bloom this time of the year?... a second spring? The garden fairies must had been extra busy growing things, creating blooms, opening petals... What a glorious surprise that was! Oh I wanted to look around and look and look... because, I had a feeling if I look again I could see the fairies laughing as they basked in shimmering sunlight amidst the roses...

I run inside the house and brought out whatever vases I could find that I had not boxed yet and filled them up with blooms... I'm elated, overjoyed and extra thankful for this miracle... the miracle of being able to fill my house with my dear roses from my dear dear garden one last time..

I hope you don't mind the crazy amount of photographs I'm about to post, because well, I just have to...

Oh if you could only had been here with me to see this! And you were... you were! In a way, by being here now, you were certainly there with me that moment when I stepped into my garden. Now reliving that moment and recreating it and sharing it again and again... THANK YOU!

I'm trilled, and thankful for this gift... because it truly is a gift... for my garden to have performed in such extraordinary way this time of the year... and precisely at my return. Oh I truly believe magic must have something to do with this... real magic. The good kind of magic! God-created magic.  And I know it is Him. And it is the garden begging me to carry it with me; in my heart forever... and how could I not? Oh I want to cry out a bitter-sweet song.  And how can I say goodbye?  Part of me is buried here forever. My shadow shall stay. My footprints like glitter in the sun. My song in the song of birds. My heart of hearts in scattered petals. Forever here. Forever in me.



  1. Roses are everyone's favourite and yours are so beautiful. Enjoy them for a little longer.:)

  2. Extraordinary blooms indeed. Your roses are sending off their best wishes by giving you the most dramatic display. Truly, truly sad goodbye and an overwhelming gratitude, between man and his garden.


  3. I was thinking of you... Home in your precious garden, for a time...

    Thank you for this post. So we could share with you, your Joy at this late blooming.

    Yes, you do bring forth magic, my Dear.

    And you will do so, in your new home, also. When you find it, and settle in...

    Gentle hugs,

  4. I am so glad that you got to see your garden in all its glory one more time. I hope someone buys it that will love it as much as you do. xo Diana

  5. Call it magic, call it blessing, call it the most wonderful gift imaginable. You are right! God blesses us with unimaginable abundance.. I'm so happy you arrived in the perfect moment. Serendipity. Your garden is always in your heart, and Eden is in your soul. Hugs, Sweetheart.

  6. Olá! As suas rosas e o seu jardim são um verdadeiro encanto,lindas imagens!Amo flores,elas nos trazem muitas alegrias.

  7. Oh how I love your Roses! Living in a tropical climate deprives me of such sublime blooms, and I can only drool over yours instead. Just beautiful!


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