Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's the magic of October

Does it happen to you too? I mean, when the weather starts to change the first thing that comes to my mind is the fairies... and how could we not think of them?—kiss of morning mist upon the garden, scent of wood smoke swirling in the air; wonderful chilly mornings under a crimson canopy...

Ah yes my dears... I saw them!  The winter fairies.  The other morning right after waking up. I thought I heard something in the garden—little whispers, strange small voices. Cerulean light glided through the half-opened window of my room filling it up with tiny stars of glittering light. I had a feeling I knew what it was. So I tiptoed over to the window and very quietly peaked outside...

And boy was I right!  Yes yes, the winter fairies have arrived!

They're here to bring to the land the season of leaves, hibernation, chilly breezes and pumpkins. As usual, they've arrived in anticipation of All Hallows' Eve and the closing of the garden. It's the fairies' favorite season you know... and thus, they must make sure every pumpkin, peach and prickly pear are collected before the witches get here. It's their job.

It was fun watching them sealing blooms, tucking roses into bed,
blowing sunset-painted kisses on trees and shrubs...

You know, you can watch a fairy at work as much as you like, as long as you  keep very quiet and don't interrupt what she's doing. But don't you dare look straight into her eyes.  Those lunatic-looking eyes, if you don't want to be blown away under their spell ;)  

Spreading yellow leaves all over the garden in jeweled sandals.

Dancing to the spells of the Northern winds...

Did you know that fairies sing while they work? They do!
And what lovely song I heard them sing:   
"If you believe in who you are,
who you were always meant to be
 If you open up your heart,
then you'll set your spirit free.
In this time of the season,
every leaf on every tree, will start to shine...
come and see, take my hand,
come with me and fly"...

Have you ever heard that song before? I bet there are more than one little girl out there who has... including little me, of course... ;)

Sparkles, Dixie Hollow, a blue harvest moon rising up, precious moonstone... I just love it all! Oh sprinkle me with pixie dust!

There's no stopping those winter fairies once they're here. Trees and shrubs will shed their leaves in a day on their command. Frigid northern winds will arrive at their lead and the landscape will change in a wink. Heartbreaking, but unstoppable.

Well friends, I better take off now lest the Halloween witches decide to show up today too... Oh they will, believe me, they will come by... I'm just hoping is not today.  I truly think it's the magic of October. Do you feel the Halloween spirit creeping up everywhere?   I'm sure you do.  October’s best for sure!

Thank you for coming by!


  1. The Winter Fairies are arriving here too! They're starting to work on the hostas in my flower bed and browning the edges of the ferns and other plants I love. The leaves are falling as if it's raining at times.
    Then the autumn colors whirl around and you can almost see the fairies dancing among them.

    I love coming to visit you! My heart delights in all you have to say.

    Blessings & happy fairy sightings,
    Edie Marie

  2. I truly love to visit you in this magical place and wish you many happy forays into the enchanted garden! Sande

    I truly love to visIt you in your magical surroundings and wish you many bewitching moments in the enchanted gardens. Sande

  3. I so love your delightful whimsey. Never, never lose it.


  4. Visiting you, Cielo, is like being whisked away to a magical place where I am free of stress, worries, and responsibilities. Where I can just be me and be one with God's creation. Thank you for that, my friend. ♥

    xoxo laurie


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