Monday, October 14, 2013

A tribute to a magical garden... continuation.


  1. Yes, you do bring forth magic, my Dear. And you will do so, in your new home, also. When you find it, and settle in...

    Yes, I said this in the comments above. But it bears repeating. :-)

    I think you said "for the last time," and so take it, that this is your last visit to your home. Many gentle hugs, as you leave...

    Gentle hugs,

  2. More beauty! These roses are sooo beautiful! Can you imagine a more appropriate gift than a house full of roses? And you, in true artist/dream weaver fashion, know just how to arrange each beautiful bouquet, each lovely bloom... Truly magic!

  3. Beautiful, Cielo. Just beautiful! I love how you mimic the rose pictures that are behind your vases of roses. Just exquisite!!!

    xoxo laurie


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