Thursday, October 10, 2013

Snipets of my life

Back to the old emptied home at Parks Place. Where do I belong?  I am practically homeless. A strange feeling—a feeling of not really belonging anywhere on earth, or rather, a feeling of pitiable lonesomeness and emptiness and abandonment fights inside my soul against my will.... it's an awful feeling; one I don't wish to harbor, and yet, from time to time these feelings take possession of my heart and split me without my consent; disconnecting me from my source of happiness. Breaking free is hard.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those dark moments. Finding the right home under the qualifications of a second home mortgage has proved disfavored and very discouraging. We can't find the right home, and the realtors are resisting cooperation already. Not until our house in the roses get sold we'll be free. 

My husband had finally contacted his friend in Colombia—the owner of the house where we're staying at the moment, and has arranged for us to rent it... So renting will be. 

On trying to shed light where shadows attempt to get a grip, I cleaned the emptied old house this morning, and we bought some kitchen utensils and such (we only had one dinner plate and one cup), and today, for the first time in three weeks, I cooked our first meal. What a good thing that was!

We had butter pecan ice cream for dessert. My favorite.

And now the once emptied countertops hold a few very useful things


Vintage wallpaper and a 1960 blue carpet... ummm

So what do y'all think of it?

More vintage wallpaper...  I kind of like it... you?

Love the front doors 

The other night a storm passed through... one large branch broke off from one of the tallest trees and landed right on my favorite spot out in the back porch.  It made some damage on the roof...  

Don't know what to do with it

I'm trying to get used to the idea of renting.  To make this house look something more like a home, or somewhat similar to my soul's own renderings I also bought a scented candle, and I bought some lovely silk roses... they'd have to do for now. I miss my roses terribly, but I'm finding out that roses don't do so great in this climate. Hydrangeas, however, are the queen of the land. And what a wonderful and exciting thing this is, as for years I tried to cultivate hydrangeas in our valley without any luck... perhaps, my new home here shall be named "the house in the hydrangeas"? We'll see. ;)

Looking homey already

Tomorrow is my birthday. I ask for inner peace. "Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” (St. Francis de Sales)

And maybe, later, I just like to be quiet and look around at all the little magical moments that layer my life and smile...

I'll be traveling back to the house in the roses this Sunday.

Can hardly wait to discover what new surprises await for me in my sweet garden.

See you all soon!