Monday, October 21, 2013


I bought a couple of Rachel Ashwell pillows at Target the other day...

Smitten as I was by all this yumminest of aquamarines and blues and serene greens on the pillows, I got inspired to paint...

I'm talking about furniture painting, of course... And thus, I decided it was definitely time (again) to change the paint color on some of the furniture in my 'girly' room upstairs.   I love pink... I do, but for some reason my heart is not into pink lately.  Color infatuation comes and goes around here depending on moods and other fanciful dreams... and thus, I opted for green this time.

Remember this little vintage piece here in soft pink?

Then turned into this... (same wall, with wallpaper now)

And now is green!

Isn't green one of the loveliest color ever?  And there's so many variations and shades of it to chose from... moss green, myrtle green, pine green, tea green, olive green, celadon, emerald, jade... you name it....

I chose to do a two-tone color... Clubhouse green (dark) and Paradise green (light) from Valspar.

I bought these aquamarine pulls at Michael's – $1.00 awhile ago. Didn't know exactly what was I going to do with them back then... now I know!  Perfect color too!

I have to admit that the distressed finished is not my favorite style for my home.  I prefer to finish my furniture in a shiny, high-gloss finish. It had something to do I guess with my childhood and having grown up in a poor home were furniture (and practically everything else) were passed down from generation to generation... years and years of chipped, peeling paint, rust and weathered furniture was the standard of the poor.  Very shabby, but certainly not chic.

Oh and did you notice my new boho fabric-covered boxes?  I am so head over heels in love with this...

 Love love love them!  Half price off - at Hobby Lobby!

PS:  I cannot wish for better days, or lovelier weather; so exquisite with chilly mornings and soft sunshine throughout the day; with nippy nights closing up as early as 5:30pm. By four, sunshine starts turning into a misty fairydust of a light; like a feathered vision of some sorts, the atmosphere gets imbued with itty bitty creatures that seems to glow and dance in the mellow afternoon light. It's the magical light of autumn.
 My husband is coming 'home' to the house in the roses this Thursday. I'm excited. My heart is overflowing with mixed emotion, as we're finally getting closer to a definite move. One more week, and we'll be parting away from our home of 28 years; leaving behind some very dear people. I am shocking in a river of emotion as I write this. I wish I could shut my mind and my heart for a little while... if maybe, by doing so, I could quieted my sadness away.

What can I say? I truly want to believe with all my heart that we're following the path that God has called us to walk. May quietness and trust enhance my awareness of His presence.