Saturday, August 31, 2013

Peace in the garden

It is such a lovely morning... brilliant, and colorful under a translucent bird-filled sky. My heart feels light, and bathed in a deep blue color; the color of faith and trust and total surrender.
I am constantly learning to lean on my Creator rather than on my own abilities for everything in my life. It is such a wonderful feeling to throw wide open my window in the morning and be received by such lovely day, lift up my hands to the sky and let my soul be filled; be satisfied; be calmed down.

I love the feel of emptiness and cleanliness of a de-cluttered home...
as I go room by room listening to the silence that goes with emptiness,
or sit by the window by the big square table and type away my feelings;
exposing my soul as it is, and all the while peeking outside from time to time
to renovate this inner joy...
What lovely mixture of sunshine and roses and transparent skies I see from my window today!
Why do we insist in filling up our homes with unnecessary things that sucks away our time, our peace of mind, and our freedom? I've been asking myself that question lately. De-cluttering our homes it's a way of de-cluttering our hearts too—me thinks.

I have boxed up, given away and thrown away half of my possessions already and I'm learning that I can still live a happy normal life with so much less... two or three sets of bed linens instead of two dozen. Three or four pairs of shoes instead of 200. My simple, yet lovely white china... get rid of the pink, and the yellow and the blue china that I know I would never use because food doesn't taste, or look better in any other type of china if it isn't white. So why keep them? Odds and ends that can grow into heaping mounds of clutter and chaos. But of course, that's just me, and how I think... not necessarily how it should be. 

Grapes from my grapevines...


Hope your morning is filled with sunshine and peace.