Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The quest for Neverland

Summer—where has it gone?
Alas, I must hurry! I must say goodbye to the last wave of summer as it crashes along the flower beds of my magical garden.

I know… summer should live in our heart, right? But soon we northern birds must bid our last farewell to the pleasant season... that's until the wheel of time will return it back to us again, and to our land, and hopefully, we’ll be here to receive it and welcome it back into our life once again.

But of course, things have changed in my little world as you may already know... and in case you haven't hear it yet, I will be leaving the house in the roses soon—travelling the many roads of life in our Gypsy caravan until we finally reach the sunshiny gates of the South. I am excited.

You must understand then why my rush... time is flying by and I must bid my farewell to all my winter fairies, as I would not get to see them again...

There's excitement everywhere... all around you flowers and leaves sparkle like jewels with raindrops; imagination keeping you young forever, no matter what the years say....

But ah yes, you must remember to wear your fairy shoes whenever looking for fairies... for perhaps, it won't be the same if you happen to forget them.

So I hurry, scattering rose petals as I go...  I carry with me the little magical lamp, once left in my garden by a certain witch, in case I may need it.

Picking mouthwatering deliciousness in a blend of grapes and sugary sweetness as I go—another gift from summer.

Ah yes, months are pretty much like the days of our lives, we have to watch them come and go by us and try to enjoy the mystery behind its fleeting moments. All that's left of them is the memory and whatever emotion we attach to them.

Moments in life, jobs, experiences, moments, memories, views, lessons... we cross paths with those we are meant to, for various reasons... sometimes blessings, and sometimes lessons... some are easy, and others are most definitely not... however it is what you take away from each that makes you who you are, and who you are meant to become in this lifetime.

Oh pardon me... what was I saying?  A yes yes the fairies!  I know, their almost impossible to see, but if you pay close attention to your surroundings, perhaps you would hear a flutter... a hover in mid-air, a rapidly flapping of wings?

It is say that fairies can be found in mushroom circles in piney forests, amongst the acorns, pine cones and autumn leaves... and of course, you can find all sorts of fairies in Hollow Woods... how you get there you ask? Haven't I mentioned that already? Oh yes, just follow the signs around you and of course, the will-o'-the-wisp, or ghost lights, and you'll be there in a zilch!

Here are a couple of photos of secret fairy tea parties I have encountered over the years in my magical garden... that's right, even in the midst of the coldest winter, which prove that fairies do exist! At least here they do! ;)

I'm telling you, tread lightly as you walk these pages, you NEVER know what you may find here! Like, roses that top the tallest of trees, and strange little birds that can understand you when you talk to them in Spanish...  Hola, como estas?

And frogs that would turn into Javier Barden... or whomever you'd want, if you just know how to kiss! ;)

I call this mossy rock "Petunia" found in the coldest of cold river waters on an Autumn trip to the woods. When I bent down to touch this rock, I heard a tiny "bell" tinkle and saw something shimmering all round me... fairy wings! Of course, I had to bring that rock home with me! Luckily for me, the fairy came with it too!

I can hardly believe this is the same little witch's house found at the end of the garden at the beginning of the year... how lovely it looks now, and how the morning glory and moon flower have grown to have covered it almost entirely in just a few weeks...

Tomatoe vines are almost as tall as the witch's little house... every morning the witch's daughter would go out to the vines and collect a basket or two...  

Endless tomatoes with more still to come

Well my dears, I hope I haven't bored you! ;) 
Until next time my lovelies...
peace, love and a pinch of imagination to carry you over life's rainbow!
Good night!


  1. Siempre me sorprendes con una entrada divina y magica.
    Amiga gracias por hacerme soñar.
    Un beso.

  2. I love your imagination. Since I have found your blog it's as important to me as a morning cup of coffee.

  3. cielo, you always transform me to another wonderful land of imagination. I try to do the same for my little grand daughters. Your blog is refreshment for my soul and comfort to my weary mind! Any suggesions on a farewell summer gift from the fairies to my little ones? The fairies usually leave something by their fairy door at the end of summer.
    You will love the South. I wanted to retire there, but alas, I ended up with 4 grandchildren who I cannot leave here in the north. God bless you!

  4. Your garden has always been an enchanting place. I believe once you reach the South, you'll find more and different enchantments - there's a Song in the South that will tug at your heart - you'll find it comforting and perhaps familiar - I don't know how far South you'll move - you may still have some wintry days, or like where I am a long growing season which lasts from November to February - just imagine. I hope you're having a blessed day,

  5. What a wonderful post and a wonderful garden! I enjoyed the pictures as well as your words. Love the fairy shoes too :)

  6. Beautiful pictures. Just wait southern springs start early and they are beautiful. Summer starts early, too. Flowers start blooming her in February. The fairies will follow you to your new home.

  7. Your blog is so enchanting! I treat for the senses and the soul.

    Thanks for sharing.


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