Sunday, June 9, 2013


Gypsies are bands of traveling peoples. They do not settle down in a place or spread roots in one region... There were two tribes of gypsies - the Hungarian 'tziganes' and the Spanish 'gitanos'.... that's us! Gitanos!  If not in real life, at least in our hearts we are...

History tells us that because gypsies were different from every other tribe or people, they were disliked wherever they went. They did not enjoy good relations with the officials in the regions they settled and were frequently forced to move from place to place. Gladly, we are a different type of "gitanos"—a more civilized type, let's put it that way... ;)

And thus, we were not asked to leave our campground, nor to stop laughing or talking in our precious language with our precious friends or move our caravan away to another site... in fact, we were pretty 'normal' compared to some of the mob around us, who stayed up passed mid-night, and passed any small level of civil consideration... but that was OK too, because...

Inside our gypsy caravan...

Precious peace and quiet, and prettiness and all that glorious feeling of magic, luxury and conjuring up images of mystical experiences...


Our kitchen/dinette area outside...breezy and rich with color and texture, with a distinctly hippie vibe...

And that incredibly gorgeous view of the lake and mountains right below and around us...

Surrounded by an abundant of glorious wildflowers, which I enjoyed collecting and making into lovely dainty bouquets to embellish our cozy gypsy tent ...

Have to have roses too... of course.  Doesn't matter if they're fake. 

What is it about wildflowers that can grow unattended in the wild, and yet hold such fascination? Forever wild, and lovely and captivating...

Ahhh, and that totally amazing incredibly beautiful view from our connubial-gypsy window... ;)

Wish I could have a view like that in my 'normal' people home ;)   

Wish I could sleep in this glorious place forever...

Put together lavish and eccentric textures, silk, satin and velvet complemented with beads, tassels, gems, sparkles and glitter... and then, you too can have your own gypsy tent... love it! 

Wouldn't it be grand to be able to travel from festival to festival in lovely gypsy caravans, like the old gypsies did? Well, as the modern travelers that we are, I am so loving wandering off from camp-site to camp-site; and in no other than this amazingly lovely caravan of a tent trailer, which I so love!... 

Can you not tell I'm in love? Oh but I am I am! ;)

Thank you for traveling along with me my friends!



  1. Love your gypsy caravan. Love all the different fabrics.

    Looks like such a nice place.

    I love wildflowers.

  2. I love what you have done with your camper. Just so magical. Is is a popup or regular one? Hubby wants to get one when he retires so we can travel.

  3. Oh my, I have been away, too long.

    Look at the delightful photos and words here. As always... Why have I been wandering in less delightful realms, in Pretty Blog Land????????

    But not to worry! I have come to my senses! I have returned! :-)

    You won't hold my absence, against me. you will continue to delight me with lovely posts, here in your Magical Part of Blog Land.


  4. so you are really traveling in that Gypsy Caravan? how cool is that!! oh we need more pics darlink! LOL I love traveling vicariously now, and that lake looks like a place I could spend the rest of my own days....
    large bodies of water always bring out the Mystical.

  5. What a lovely post!! Have been away from blogland too long!

  6. Oh yes, yes, let me hook my caravan to yours and off we shall go.
    I can't help but think of the traveling tribes when I see the quote
    " not all those who wander are lost"

    Lovely post, we can dream.


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