Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I live under the canopy of an enchanted garden... and these days, my garden has been gifting me with peonies; dozen of gorgeous lovely peonies...  THANK YOU!




I have heard some things about peonies and ants. Some people worry about bringing them inside, because of the ants. Gladly, I have never seen any ants on my peonies, but even if they did happen to have ants on them, I wouldn't mind bringing them inside anyways... they're so very lovely!


I planted my hot pink peonies when we first moved to the house in the roses, about eight years ago. For two consecutive years they did poorly and failed to bloom, so I moved them to a sunnier location and finally after two more years, they put roots and adapted to the environment. They seem to grow wild now and in abundance. And there's that other peony bush, positively gorgeous with huge pink blossoms, which I inherited a couple of years ago from a woman on a country road who was having a yard sale on her farm; gorgeous peonies were in full bloom against the old fence. I asked her if she would spare a root, and she kindly agreed. When she pulled out the peony root, out went with it a small fragment of some phlox. I planted the whole thing just the way she gave it to me, and now I not only have this lovely peony bush growing in my garden... the phlox has multiply abundantly and it's growing everywhere.

Love them!