Sunday, May 19, 2013

In the garden...

A cold font almost-like winter sweep across our valley this weekend. Winter is never too far away from us around here... always watching us; lulling us to sleep under soft white blankets, even in the heart of summer. It shadows always dancing too close to us, just in case we forget that this is where he lives... nevertheless, it's been lovely around here. The sun is shinning and the sky possesses that color of blue of the delphiniums.... so it is OK to be on the chilly side for a bit... just a bit.

I am glad that after much ponder and deliberation, I decided to give this table and its chairs a happy twist by choosing not just a color, but a rainbow of pastels... it is a happy sight and I am glad I chose to go that way...

All seasons are predictable, but not all are as magical as spring. A world that looks dead awakens and bursts with life. Ground that is bare sprouts snowdrops and crocuses. Birds and bird songs fill the air with the loveliest of music one can ever hear.  This sorcery is hard to beat.

And I too... I come to life in the spring, too. With my long skirts and my hair wild with petals, and the sun tugging at me, the way it tugs at the ground, resurrecting feelings that I have forgotten I had.

There's also a new Climbing Orchid Masterpiece rose growing against one of the garden's wall, on the east side—a gorgeous prospect for a wonderful show off—so I'm hoping.  And right on the center of the garden, around the big fountain, there's also a new rose bush growing there too—a lovely red double knockout. I can hardly wait to see this glorious little garden come alive with the magic of roses...petals petals petals of every color and fragrances... subtle fragrances, fragrances with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, orange, jasmine, and patchouli, fragrances so enchanting and intoxicated with the romance of the unusual... but I must wait... wait a little longer, for no roses are yet to be seen. Just the promise of abundance and colors and scents, for every single bush is heavy with supple young buds ready to open any time now.

Every hour is a new bird.  A new song.  A new hope and a pleasant reinforcement of all that's good, and beautiful and noble.

Then all of a sudden the garden turns prettier, and lovelier and a much more happier place to be...

There is so much love for this precious precious little girl.

She loves her new sandals...
And I so adore her ;)  

My heart is bursting with love... and this love gets bigger and fuller and more beautiful every single day. 


  1. I can see why the little girl is so loved by you, and she shares some Cielo style with her pretty dress and fabulous posy sandals. I like your patio set with the different colors for chairs.

  2. I have come here and read. may be useful and continued success

  3. What a serene looking place and cheery pastel chairs. Would be lovely having tea there with your precious little girl. The ruffles on her dress are amazing!

  4. Esa princesita, es la flor más hermosa de tu jardín. ya
    está hecha toda una mujercita :)
    Unas sandalitas preciosas.



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