Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Roses and perennials

The first roses of the season... "Climbing Collette".
Couldn't wait for them to fully open... 
This was yesterday.

And this today...  slowly opening up.  Just lovely!

The first bouquet from the garden...
White Japanese Snowball Viburnum for my white master room. 
Wish I could change the carpet for hardwood floors. 
My dream!

Outside looking in...

Rose bushes are heavy with supple buds ready to unfurl any day now... quite the opposite with all the lovely spring-flowering perennials already filling up the garden with color and so much joy. It's a jungle of love and shades and beyond belief beauty here... Ah yes, this is what I live for, and what sustains me during those long winter days...

These are lupines...
they come in many colors--blue, purple, yellow, red, pink and bi-color,
and they grow everywhere in my garden. 
Love them!

My friend Florencia gave me some iris roots last spring.
They're finally blooming this year. 
They're so lovely!

Salvias and Mexican evening primrose...

Oh and I had to show you my new gypsy bracelet!
I love the jingly sound the shells make when I move... ;)

Hope you have a lovely rest of week!


  1. I love all your flowers. And your bracelet and lovely french manicure! I cant wait for my flowers to grow, I planted seeds which could mean months? will need a new plan, the waiting is torture. :D lovely to visit.

  2. Love your post, how lovely your flowers are dear sweet lady!


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