Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I’ve been a busy bee... The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of pruning, cleaning, planting and transplanting and one mayor task—painting furniture... I have painted two sets of garden tables, their chairs (total of 10), plus an assortment of other garden stuff such as a patio wicker set, more chairs, a couple of birdhouses, some garden statues, a water fountain and the porch' floors.  T-i-r-e-d! ;)

The dark wicker set now in white... Tough job I tell ya!  One that requires lots of paint, and still need to do some more retouching... 

White has really made a difference. It has not only opened up the space... it has also made it feel more friendly.  Love it!   Looking real lovely in an assortment of pastels!

When our friends moved to Portland last year, they left me their old dinning table and chairs... I had it all primed up last autumn with the idea of finishing up the job before winter, but winter took me by surprise, as usual, and I had to postponed the job.  I finally finished painting the last chair last week.... I decided to paint each chair in a different color: Pink Mist pink, Sea Kiss blue, Summer Rapture green, and Limoncello yellow—from Valspar. Warm colors that are associated with sunshine and light.  Love it!


Today, I celebrated beautiful spring weather with a party for one... ;)



A party for one... to give a piece of me away... to the wind; in a smile, in a future act of kindness, in words of encouragement and praise and thankfulness...
Thank you for being here in words and comments and in silence too. Be Your Best!


  1. oh what a lovely spring tea table
    so pretty leon10

  2. I love your idea of painting the chairs all different colors. They are perfect for your summer party for one.... and future parties for all your family, princess fairies, and friends. I am getting ready to start projects, too... Only 31 and a half work days until I retire. Did this paint have any waterproofing properties in it? I have been enjoying all your gardening moments.

  3. I love everything that you did. So relaxing and very soft. The table and chairs look great. Great area to relax in - enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gayla... I used an 'inside/outside' paint. Don't know how long it would last on furniture that's outside, but at least this set is under a roof, so it has some protection.

    Glad to hear you're finally going to be able to do what you love... staying home! Blessings.


  5. The wicker indeed looks nice in white..and the different colored chairs gave me a wonderful idea for some kitchen chairs that have been awaiting paint...looks just lovely everything...Happy weekend with love Janice

  6. Love the redo! The chairs are my favorite....your table is so pretty! I am glad I stopped by. See you again. I missed you!

  7. Hello Cielo, Your newly painted garden furniture looks so cheerful - love the variety of colors - simply singing of spring - always a delight to visit - I hope you have a blessed day,


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