Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rainy days...

Rain—it rained all day today.

Pitter patter pitter patter on the window panes... 

I love sitting inside on rainy days and watch the rain stream across the window in little rivulets...

Rain give birth... it's magic.

Sap flows, little flowers start to bud...

Birds chirp a romantic call; darting questions at the raindrops...

Rain enchants; it kisses your soul... it hugs the earth in silver liquid drops...

Like the birds... raindrops have wings...

Rainy days call for baking a pastel layered cake...

And eat a piece or two! ;)

It was a nice day to sit outside and watch the rain...

So marvelous to watch the rain from the porch... so close to it; so free!

While enjoying some yummy pastel layered cake! Only one bite, of course ;)

Rain is as sweet as cake.  It makes me happy.  Do you love rain?


  1. We hardly get rain in SO CA so when we do I love it also. The freshness, the smell and the little birdies love it also.
    Cake looks yummy.
    Happy day.

  2. Everything that you posted is so gorgeous!

  3. I love the sound and smell of the rain... so soothing! Take care.

  4. I do love rain-except when I have to drive miles and miles in it after a late night meeting. But at home...looking it! xo Diana

  5. I love rain best when it comes down all night and then the sun shines all day! :)
    I do think I would love a bite of your cake...looks yummy!

  6. I do love rain...It cleans the air and gives birth to our flowers and trees...I love your pastel cake..looks so pretty.......we have had rain last night and the day before...Have a lovely Monday with love Janice


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