Saturday, March 30, 2013

A day in my life...

First thing in the morning—coffee in my favorite white cup; golden sunshine pouring in from all windows.

Folding napkins and kitchen linens...

And playing with pretty things...

Some days are good days, some are so-so days, and then there are those other days... well, let's just say that some days last longer than others... 
Yes, sometimes darkness descends, but outside there is sunshine, and my geraniums are in full bloom... 

Outside, the garden is already looking lovely, even when no single flower is yet to be seen...

Everything is blooming most slowly, but oh "if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night" (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Do animals gossip like human does?  I think that's exactly what these doves were doing...


I found these cute flower cupcake picks at Michael's. I bought two packages - .99 each. You can also use these picks to decorate the top of your cakes as well. Can't wait to make some beautiful yumminess!

Most often, lunch consists of a tofu bowl with veggies.

In the afternoon I work in the garden and sometimes I sit... sit and watch how the sap on the grapevine runs and sparkle when touched by the sun...

And get transfixed watching at how this miracle unfolds, and spread out—life unfurling and twinkling in purity and goodness..

Then comes evening...

Litte lights are turned on, one by one...

The evening skies dazzle and enchant... I go inside and then after a while comes night.  And I wait for the night to bring forth a new morning, hope, the beginning of another beginning, life, trust, faith, love and a deeper closeness with my Creator...

What are your days like?  Do share!

Good night everyone!


  1. I think you have such beautiful days judging by today's post Cielo.
    My days are quiet,spent in the garden pottering amongst my veggies and flowers. Or in my sewing room playing,writing and creating. Or on some days in the kitchen cooking and baking. I think I am living in a perfect time in my life right now.xx

  2. hi Cielo
    I think this post is just wonderful.... and YES now it is springtime :)
    and do not miss..


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  3. What gorgeous photos Cielo and I LOVE your fabric and china!
    I wanted to wish you and yours the very happiest and blessed Easter today! May your home be filled with joy!
    Love Tina xo

  4. Amazing photos! Happy Easter

  5. Your post is beautiful. My days are like yours. Love to get up early and take my coffee out on the patio and watch the sun come up and birds fliting around waiting for feed in there feeders. Fountain splashing water, bird taking a bath and everything is peaceful. Water and putter in the garden, take pictures and just sit and watch everything happening.
    Have a beautiful day and Happy Easter.


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