Friday, March 15, 2013


Enjoying the little things in life, and taking time to capture the beauty around me...

Have a wonderful weekend friends...


  1. HI there!!! OOOhhh how I love those sheets! Who wouldn't want to lay there with a cup of coffee and just relax. I think they are just darling. I love your blog, thank you so much!
    Breahn Royal
    Longview, Texas

  2. you have NO idea, how much I wish you were a neighbor, even if an hour away, I'd make the drive. Wish I had neighbors even just a little bit like you, or me fun life could be. many blessings, lady

  3. It is always such a delight to see what else you come up with Cielo!
    I think I must agree with Lady of the would be worth a drive (or a swim in my case since we live on an island!)

  4. Cielo, your photos are so enchanting and a pleasure to look at. I can spend hours looking at all of your lovely posts. Such inspiration.


  5. Oh such lovely photos! Your pics make me smile and make me happy I am a woman. :) Kit

  6. Sometimes those sweet little things are the very best. A beautiful post, Cielo- xo Diana

  7. Love everything about your post!! Thank you Cielo xx


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