Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring love

Pristine sapphire skies, sunshine on my face; dancing in a circle of sunbeams—I stand in the middle of the earth... is it easy to fly to fly without moving?  Ah, it must be you, Spring, knocking on my soul's inner doors. 

Love... my little heart is bursting with love.

Love is in the air; it dances above the fields, it flutters about the garden; it dashes in and out...

Love; every single warm, beautiful, generously giving light on our fair planet shining directly in my face. You can taste it, drink it; soothing—like a miraculous substance... love, love is everywhere...!

Tulips are wearing elaborate creations of gowns in glorious colors for the upcoming ceremony of flowers... you can see their crowned heads waking up from their slumber; out of their hiding places, as they are summoned out by warm light and bird songs... 

Is it already looking like spring in your part of the world? The promise of sunny days, bright toe nails, bare feet and flowers in my hair has me giddy with excitement. I've been working in the garden for hours every day now; working with the earth, freely from the heart, breathing the air from my own Paradise's peak. I’ve been wild with joy in my yet somewhat sleepy garden; stirring slowly under the ground; slowly waking up.  Have I already said this enough? Oh, but it bears repeating, being able to be here in my garden in this sorts of a sacred sisterhood with the earth; share this awesome world with all the voices of the Universe, is an amazing thing. So, perhaps it is better to say that today was yet another extraordinary day in my life. Because it was. And I am blessed.

Welcome, Spring!


  1. Spring is definitely affecting my mood recently. Everything seems bright and ethereal. Lovely photos. Got my eye on your next posts.

  2. Indeed welcome Spring...just a few more days...The garden has been warm and I have been able to plant..exciting ... Enjoy ... with love Janice

  3. We still await our Spring in the Uk, but it will be here soon!!

  4. I am counting the hours! It's in the air here too - we have a number of Dove couples living in our garden - they're some of my favorite! I hope you have a blessed day.


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