Friday, March 22, 2013


Fog last evening... and then, from further down the garden as dark approached, all that could be seen was the tall roofs of the neighboring houses, and above and beyond the insipid night miasma. 

Then this morning—snow. We woke up to a fine powering sugar dust of a snowy garden... Ah, it must have been those crazy March gods again! You see, they think my garden is a bundt cake, and often delight themselves in dusting it! 

That's it! They didn't get the memo those wild foolish gods... They forgot that this is the second day of spring already and snow is not allowed! ;)

Poor poor mermaid... Warm or cold waters?  I don't know exactly from what sea she had come from, as she appeared in my garden one day out of the blue, but I do hope she has the ability to unfreeze water...

I'm afraid of winter because I can't take the cold... it goes on forever collecting in the garden... oh and yes, that's some rat's nest on my hair alright... My husband took this pic early this morning and never noticed it or even mentioned that I had that huge matted ball of hair on the back of my head... only after seeing the pic at the end of the day I noticed it... is your man sorts of like that too? ;)

I am glad to hear it's already spring in your part of the world and I am glad you're finding happiness in your blooms candy pink garden. As for me, well, it will have to be just the garden of the mind's eye for a while... for some more days, or perhaps weeks anyway.  Does it happen to you too? There are times when March reminds me of my own life—the faith's wheel hesitate, it gets stuck in a rut in the road, the eager early blooming flowers of all that is good and edifying to the soul are surprised by late frosts. I can only see ice-edged daffodils hanging their heads in sheepish dismay. The bursts of my energy for work and inspirations get blocked too in the juddering teasing mood of March, and wilted like frost-bitten petals, bloomed-too-soon.

I wish I could be like those people who always always see the positive side of life...  my soul struggles sometimes as it desperate looks for the smallest light... the tiny flame of my sacred heart. Life is beautiful; yet terrifying; doesn't it.

It's such a joy blogging; being able to just say exactly what I want, and feel, without any remorse or inhibitions.... free from the heart... free in the spirit.  Thanks for being here.


  1. So sorry that you had a dusting of snow this morning. Hang in there before you know it - Spring will enter your yard and all will be well. The plants will be popping out of the ground towards the sun, the tress will be leafing out and you will have spring.
    Have a wonderful Easter and I can hardly wait to see your garden when all your beautiful plants and trees are in bloom

  2. I love to pass by here! .. snow is my favourite weather time but i hope in spring… also soon there!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!


  3. In Croatia is so pretty weather but they call snow again in some part of the country

  4. Your garden will be beautiful soon! Look for the positives and you will find them. Beautiful mermaid! Have a great day!

  5. Do you live in Idaho...your weather is the same as mine...just wondering I love your pics of your rooms they are lovely


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