Monday, March 25, 2013

Life in the roses

Before this cold front incarcerated us again, I was able to do a lot of cleaning in my garden... uncountable hours and days were spent there—cleaning, pruning, cutting... and the garden is already looking lovely; even when, except for the faithful irises, not a single flower is yet to be seen...
But oh every single tree and bush holds in their vegetal arms the wonderful promise of life... life bursting in greens and pink tiny buds of life...

And the sun... oh the sun is shinning strong; making little happy sparkly stars on new buds and young leaves. I am excited for what's to come, and I am dreaming with all the flowers and vines that will be blooming in the summer if all the seeds I have planted germinate... hundreds of seeds of every type of annual vines and some perennials too. My heart is bursting with anticipated joy. 
...and birds!  Birds are in love everywhere and the garden is their love nest.

They are telling each other all kinds of secrets... they don't even mind my presence being so close to them... love is indeed blind, I guess!

and everywhere there's the sound of lovers in love...

I cannot believe how my nails are still looking this decent after all that work in the garden.... love this color too—"Cloud", from Revlon.

We have some friends over for dinner the other evening... a made some potatoes soup and for dessert I had this yummy cake...

I used a light cream cheese frosting and added little chunks of apples for some extra goodness...... delicious...

Our friends stayed over for a good amount of time;
 until night descended and I had to light up some candles...

just a simple jar, two kinds of dried beans and a tea light.  So pretty!

Oh and I had to show you this... Have you been to Costco lately? They have the cutest cutest summer dresses for your little darlings... I just had to get this one!

Such yummy colors... turquoise and light purple... what a sweet sweet combination of colors... love it... Little Pebbles loved it too. She wore it yesterday and immediately started dancing around holding her skirt up with her darling chubby little hands, just as I have taught her to do whenever I wear my long flowy skirts... so cute...

Have a sunlight filled day, everyone...


  1. Oh my, this is becoming surely an addiction! I just had to stop by and wish you a lovely week!
    What a lovely mermaid (fountain?) and must remember the candle jars!
    Thank you for inspiring,

  2. It's rain in Split,in some part of country is snow :( your photos are gorgeous

  3. Loved your pictures - the doves courting on your water fountain. I feel exactly like you do about the garden and I have working in there until I can hardly stand up. Watching all the seeds come up, the iris blooming and my roses are full of buds and can hardly contain myself with excitement.
    I wish my granddaughter was still little so I could buy her all those cute dresses - she used to love them, but now it's jeans.
    Have a very special sunny week.

  4. Beautiful garden and bird pictures! Can't wait for everything to bloom...

  5. I LOVE YOUR MERMAID BIRD BATH! Where/when did you find this jewel? Your dinner party looks so pretty. Have a beautiful week.

  6. Ditto on the mermaid bath, Cielo! I always enJOY your lovely blog and visiting with you.
    Easter blessings to you and yours,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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