Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter solace

A smile, a laugh, sunny days, a garden filled with roses, starry nights, warm firefly illuminated evenings, being silly, chocolate; these are some of the things that make me happy… but as the weather goes, it’s just freezing rain falling in sheets; tough and tenacious, clinging to every object it touches… thick ice under your feet; sunless days above your head.

Oh I know of someone waiting for the arrival of spring by the magic door... elfin' magic, fairy magic, sunny days and dreams and voyages; someone waiting patiently for the magic door to swing wide open for those with the heart to feel it... yes, feel it, there is this with magic doors you know: you may not see them even as you are passing by it... so yes, you do have to feel the magic before you see it... get it?

A dark gloominess hangs heavily on the atmosphere—like claws of some mythological beast over its pray the land, but if one thing brings happiness, aside from the birds, of course, are my geraniums from last summer...

They are a continued source of joy to me.

They bring a happy touch of green, life and the perfume of the outsides to my days—a sure remainder that winter is not forever. 

It amazes me that they are still thriving in the worse of winter, it’s a miracle in itself... they give such life and joy to the otherwise dusky atmosphere of our winter bedroom.

How do you cope with the dark days of winter? Oh do share. It gives me hope to know that I'm not alone in this white world..

Be Peaceful.
Float Away.
Have a most beautiful week

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  1. Dear Cielo,

    On cold days when I can't get outside, I break out my saved Victoria magazines from days gone by.
    They remind me of the tea parties and picnics I have had with my two girls in the past. They always give me inspiration on decorating and gardening. Even the old ones. I also like to look at seed catalogs and plan my garden for the year. I start my tomato seeds in Feb. And always, when I am shut in, I look at your writings and pictures. They help brighten my day and inspire my imagination.
    Sincerely, EVE


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