Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little joys on a winter's day

It doesn’t matter how many layers of clothes you wear—bitter cold wind nibbles at your skin, frozen toes, sloppy slush; and when you walk and breathe, you look like a living chimney—smoke coming out of your nose and mouth. Watery eyes don’t let you see clearly, your ears ache, and it hurt to walk. You lose feeling of some parts of your body, and thus you can’t really tell whether if perhaps your nose is dripping stuff or if it’s just water from the condensation of the atmosphere what your tongue is savoring… your finger tips may turn blue and your bones crack and scream at you...

 OK ok… this is winter... It's supposed to be cold, I know.

But it surely is not fun living with wind chill of minus 16 degrees for days and days and weeks… augrrrrrr!!

Birds are my salvation. Have I mentioned that already? ;)

What a privilege is to see and hear and have such a gathering of friends in my backyard during these super extra cold days. And the garden is much like a sanctuary for birds these days. There’s nothing more pleasant to me than waking up in the morning to the wonderful sounds of the sweet chirping of birds. My friend the Northern Flicker calls me from the same tree every morning so that I know he’s there… hi makes a loud, rolling rattle that sounds almost like he’s saying “wake up wake up”. And then, I am so fortunate to have several varieties of birds feeding from my food platters… Mourning doves, and robins and juncos and the Black capped Chickadee and sparrows—they all gather by the angel bird feeder statue, as if knowing that they will all be fed equally. Each unique and special to the angel who nourish and provides for them… it is a festivity out there; such merrymaking of wings and twirling. I can almost hear the birds singing in human voices: “He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love”. (Song of Solomon 2:4)

And then this Monday… Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for all you did for humanity, for your wisdom to truly understand that all of humanity is created equally in God’s image, and for allowing me to stay home an extra day.  Such joy!

A bit of beauty for today... Feel free to pin my photos ~ photo credit back to me is always appreciated.

Oh and have I told you?  It's a secret, but I must tell... Eve has been visiting the house in the roses... Yes yes—Eve, the owner of Eden walks here.  What a privilege!  Love to read her comments.  And yours too, of course!  ;)