Thursday, January 31, 2013

This and that

Comforting colors: purples, mint, sea-foam greens; dusty rose; ivories, creams, and faded grays; a touch of pale sky blue; crisp, clean white… those are the colors pampering my thoughts these days.

The color of the landscape around here is too ashen and ominous lately… one of the blessings of winter is to just be able to stay inside and cuddle up with a nice, warm throw, have a frothy cup of hot coco, and maybe pop in a movie in the middle of the day.  I also enjoy embellishing my nest with what I love... things I like and things that make me happy...  These don't necessarily have to be big or costly things.

I love these dainty little glass votives from Michael's. One dollar each. They had a great variety of colors to chose from, but I bought all six of them in this lovely green...

I'm using some of my wrist beads bracelets to decorate them... so pretty

Don't you just love lighting candles in winter time?  I do I do!

Yesterday, one of the attorneys in our office came to work without shoes… yes, without shoes! Actually, without soles on his shoes. While on his way to work, both soles came off. Not one, but both! Can you imagine it—and on a day like that? It was hilarious seeing him come in; soles in hands splashing and splattering slushy water everywhere on shoes that consisted of only the top parts… Ahhh how I’d wished that had happened to “Mr. Obnoxious” instead. I would had laughed with much more gusto, and I’d had even offered a little unholy prayer for some frostbite… nothing much, just two or three toes maybe? OK ok, I’m not that vicious, really. But at least he should step on a LEGO… he should he should! ;) 

This is what I saw early yesterday morning in the garden before I went to work... It had snowed all night and the landscape had turned white in its entirety, and every tree and every branch wore a thick coat of twinkling stars. Bushes and old roses were gifted with earrings and necklaces made out of icicles and gems in the purest of white. It truly was an enchanted garden...

Love early mornings, candle light and coffee...

Thank you my friend for being with me and being part of my life.  My soul made of sunshine is yearning for a thaw, hoping for a ribbon of warmth to sneak its way into the garden and wrap every rose bush up with a velvety emerald bow. I know that many of you feel the same and thus I'm sending buckets of good wishes of sunshine and daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths that bloom in the heart.

Good Night!


  1. Another beautiful post, Cielo- I love the picture of the arbor-it is just magical!
    I love the story about the attorney. Too bad it happened to a nice guy and not the Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Hola cielo, Que preciosos tonos , con los que en estos dias estas identificada! El verde con los detalles de tus pulseras , lucen preciosos! y la forma en que se recubrio tu jardin de nieve , pareciera poder tener el poder de transportarte a otro mundo...lucen los arboles preciosos vestidos de esa nieve tan blanca (aunque se que el clima frio , es a veces un poco triste y hasta depresivo) estoy segura lo han sabido superar muy bien) saludos , Rose M

  3. Dear One, I love your blog, it's like poetry to the eyes and heart. I don't have one myself but have a list of lovlies that I visit daily that bring brightness to my day, yours is one of the stars that shines so brightly among them.
    Many blessings to you

    (Couldn't post this because I don't have google, aim, wordpress etc.)

  4. Dear friends, I've been getting so many comment spams lately that I had no other option but to change my settings. This blog does not allow anonymous comments now. So sorry. I will add the comments you send via email here for now, as I've done for Lily Grace above if you don’t have a Google account... Thank you all for all your blog love.


  5. Your snowy pictures are so pretty. I laughed at your story about the shoes. Wouldn't that be awful but funny too.

  6. blogger is doing some really strange things lately! I love this post and your "unholy prayers" cracked me up your pictures, always magical here !

  7. I forgot to say, I adore your new pics in the banner! and that skirt! I just bought some tulle to make my very first "adult long tutu" and the colors are....dusty rose, pale gray and ivory! can't wait to make it and show it. hugs, lady


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