Sunday, January 20, 2013

Of birds...

I know of a peculiar little old woman, in the old cottage with the garden at the bend of the road. In summertime, when the skies are blue and warm breezes carry with them the scent of wildflowers, I love to walk by this old lady's little cottage. I love the smell of her garden; especially in the summer when she has lots of vegetable and herbs in it. She grows lush tomatoes and gigantic sunflowers. She let rabbits eat her lettuce and crows nibble on the fruit of her crops. Neighboring cats find ways to get to this old woman's cottage garden whenever possible. They love to amble silently through it; through the crimson and purple blossoms growing there.

This little old lady loves birds too, and I'm sure she has a special bond with birds. Birds fly to her garden in flocks. It doesn't matter if she live in the city. Birds that live in open spaces or near woods edge, thickets and tall grasses, somehow find her garden and seem to enjoy it as much as the Cuckoo, black-billed and the ordinary birds you'll find in any backyard...

The neighborhood children say that this old lady in the old cottage at the bend of the road hypnotizes birds with her singing—songs they cannot understand; songs sung in some strange language. Silly kids.

Yesterday, the little old woman in the old cottage cleaned and filled each and every birdfeeder in her garden with all sorts of goodies for the birds. One little Robin discovered the treats and minutes later Robins flew in flocks of hundreds to her garden...

I happened to observed this phenomenon from my very own backyard, a couple of houses down the road. It was amazing seeing so many robins in the old woman's little cottage garden; all swirling and twirling, and gliding through the air.

It almost felt as if in a Hitchcock's suspense movie.  "The birds"... have you seen that movie? Creepy. But not to the old woman. She was in heaven if you asked me...

You should had seem the smile on the old woman's face. You could almost feel her joy. How happy she felt with the birds gathering in her garden. I bet they show up every day to visit her and to get fed. But the main thing I love about this story and what I saw yesterday is that it serves as a great reminder that even the simplest things in life can bring us great joy...

"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." ~Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. What a beautiful blog of inspiration. I am happy that I found my way to this beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and stories. I most certainly shall return.


  2. Your new header is beautiful as so are all of the birds photos. Lovely.

  3. Cielo,this is a beautiful story. If only we could all have an old lady like this at the bend in the road. x

  4. What wonderful pictures, and the second I have seen tonight of robins in winter, something we never see here in Kansas!

  5. Dear fellow bird lover,
    I appreciate your love of the flying alarm clocks. That is what I believe was the reason God gave them to us. Imagine being Eve, in the paradise in the morning. What was the first thing she would hear?..Birds. God said that not one would fall from heaven without his notice, yet we are worth more to him.
    I love to put bird decorations in my house. Old abandoned nests, sky blue Robin egg shell fragments, tiny feathers...

    Owner of Eden

  6. é maravilhoso seu blog,consigo até sentir a brisa gelada do inverno que voce descreve e caminhar por seu jardim admirando as rosas no verão.beijos

  7. I love watching birds. Seeing them through your blog gives me a good peaceful feeling as when I watch them from my window.. Thank your for your story.. Loved it. Cindy

  8. Beautiful Blog and photos!!!
    Very lovely!


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