Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dinnerware, jewels, birds and a story

This is our newest and most colorful of our garden inhabitants that so happily had made himself at home among my roses.  This is his second winter visiting the garden. He loves the grapes I leave on the vine for him every autumn.  Love to have him here.

A mixture of berries and mozzarella cheese. My favorite dessert. Yummy! 

I love my new shelves.  Perfect for this wall... and so practical too. Love to have my everyday dinnerware right on hand.

Our master room... peaceful. And cozy...

The 'rock' of my life... my beautiful mom and handsome dad on their wedding day.

I have brought the Queen inside... too cold in the garden for her...

Remember Beatrice of Bourbon, Queen of Bohemia—'the Queen'? A very demanding Lady. She took control of things in the garden from the very moment she arrived. You can read all about it here, if you want.

This morning I heard her complaining... about the weather, about the snow and the birds pooping all over her honorable head, and about me too! Oh yes I heard her complaining of how I had abandoned her, and left her outside to rot in the cold... So I have brought her in... she is modeling some of my necklaces now... last summer I gave her some pretty jewels for her crown...

The strangest of things is, I had been mistaken all this time... ah yes my friends. Our 'Lady' is not really a queen. No sir... looking at her from a closer distance this morning, I figured out who she really is... She's the Hindu Goddesses, Lakshmi! Yikes! Pardon me your majesty, but you'll have to go back outside soon. Those long ears of yours are way too scary and beside, husband doesn't like you here! ;)

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for your friendship... I really appreciate each and every one of you...


  1. She is cool for the garden.
    great picture of your parents.
    really enjoyed my visit

  2. Everything is just lovely Cielo. I really love the dishes.



  3. LOL- I am glad you figured out who she is- nothing worse than a stranger in your bedroom! Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Cielo! The craziest thing.. Me, of course, but look at the queen/goddess's smiles in the two pictures of in and out. Do you think she is smiling more... Almost smugly in the indoor one with all your jewelry? I do! Oh, I am a nutty one.... Your dishes are so pretty! I love white dishes. You remember I won that giveaway from Pfaltzgraff on your blog? And I bought their country cupboard whites... Thanks for the visit... Have fun... Remember you are the queen? Lol....

  5. Oh I think the Queen looks lovely with all your beads around her very pretty.LOve your shelves with your dishes on all looks nice.Love Jill xx

  6. Dear cielo, you are so lovely and your posts really brighten up my dreary winter. thank you, you are an inspiration. sincerely, susan

  7. We have been feeding the birds, love whatching them. Your snack of cheese and berries looks delish. Love the shelf and the white dishes.

    I think your queen looks happy modeling the jewels.

  8. So sweet. I have brought in many of my garden friends. They are throughout the house and bring me so much joy in the reminder that it will again be spring. What a joy to have your bird friend come again to visit.


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