Saturday, June 9, 2012

Creatures in the magical garden

THE storm of the other day left hundreds of petals scattered around the garden.

It's like tiptoeing a world made of the softest pinks cotton candy and vanilla clouds.

Late one evening many years ago, Apollo landed in my garden all the way from atop Mount Olympus. Trailing plants and groundcovers catapulted him there, just right there where he landed that long ago. And thus, I tend to forget that Apollo lives in my garden... and so, I go around doing my everyday chores without even thinking that he's there—watching me as I garden, and dance and talk to the birds and flowers.

I had no idea there was a god named Apollo back then on that long ago day when I first discovered him in the garden. Thus, I had to Googled him up before I could properly say his name. According to legend, the beardless and handsome Apollo is recognized as a god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, music, poetry, and more. How suitable for a god like Apollo to live in my garden!

If you don't know it already, Apollo is the son of Zeus and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis. I have never seen Artemis wandering through the garden; not even during that time of day when after the sun has gone down, the garden turns musky and shadowy, and anything and everything can happen; as far as the unanimated world goes.

But you can never be too sure around here, can you? And I have a feeling that Artemis of the wildland and Mistress of Animals is about to show up any day now. Oh, what I wouldn't do to have the fairies bring Javier Bardem to my garden! Now, wouldn't that be extra special! Tee-hee!

In the mean time, a very pompous lady decided to pay a visit—someone as distinctive and out of the ordinary as Artemis herself, I would say! Who, you ask? Would you believe me if I tell you? Ah yes my dears, the very condescending Beatrice of Bourbon, Queen of Bohemia arrived this morning!

Did you notice how lovely her crown is? I'm thinking I should add some sparkling gems to it; like some faux watermelon tourmaline gemstones and blue tanzanite and some intense green sparkles...

Being the queen and all that she is, she'd demanded I give her a place of honor among the rest of the inhabitants of the garden... What do you think I should have done?

I gave Beatrice a very special place indeed—her new throne in the fountain of the birds, where the bird fairy used to sit... which, by the way, I'm sure this represents a problem, because, you see, birds love their fairy and they visit her every hour of every day... What do you think they would do, once they find out that this queen has dethroned their dear fairy?

Poor Beatrice's lovely head... can you imagine what the birds would do to her? That's usually the fate of the arrogant, don't you think so? Ah yes, they all end up being pooped by birds.

OK... your turn now. Who would you like to see in your garden of all people if you could have your wish granted? After I'm done talking with Javier Bardem I think I'll ask the faires to bring Colin Firth... OMG!