Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage jewerly and gel nail polish

The other day I had a huge surprise… ah yes my friends—a huge surprise and some strange and inexplicable happenings… you see, a while ago I lost a very special ring.   You can click HERE if you like or care to read more about it.

As I was saying, this special ring possesed some magical powers... Remember the story of King Solomon's magical ring? It's been said that Salomon's ring had many properties, making him all-knowing, conferring him with the ability to speak with animals and bearing the special sigil that sealed genies into bottles. Imagine how I felt losing this ring that, in a way, it was kind of magical to me...

It was sad seeing it missing from my vintage china cake stand where I keep my favorite vintage baubles and pretty treasures...

Well, let me tell ya something my friend... Yes yes magic does exist... and as some of you might suspect, my ring has come back to me! In a most unexpected way, I should say. You see, I found it in one of the purses I had already searched over a hundred times. The strangest of things is the ring was neatly tucked in a Ziploc double zipper bag inside the purse. Who put it there, or how it the world it got in that Ziploc bag that’s beyond my reasoning. I’m still trying to figure this out, and if you ask me, I can only say that either this ring it truly is magical, or I’m starting to go total cu-cu in my head. Beside from not remembering having done that a bit, it's not me that of keeping things in Ziploc bags you know.  Anyway, life is already too complicated as it is, so I’m not going to try to explain what it cannot be explained and simply enjoy the fact that I got my ring back, and I’m so tickled pink happy! ;)

Oh and by the way, did you notice how pretty my nails look these days? I can’t believe these are my ‘real’ nails after seven plus years of extremely short nails and not so nicely looking gardener's hands. And don’t you just love this shinny Christmassy green nail polish! Perfect for the holidays. Love it!

Have you ever tried gel nail polishes? Oh you must if you haven't, particularly if you, like me, are a gardener who loves to dig in the soil with bare hands, and still want to have decent nails. Gel polishes dry within a few minutes because of the use of the curing light, and they can hold their shine forever without marring or chipping. This is the same product used when you get fake gel nails, only it’s apply on your own nails. I have ugly hands, but at least I now have decent nails ;) I love wearing polish and rings now that I don't have to hide my nails. We'll see how it goes comes spring once I start digging again  ;)