Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas party

Our bloggie friend Jorgelina stopped by the other day to personally invite me to a Christmas party she’s hosting. So today I’m flying to Argentina! Come on, follow me!

This is my very humble and very lovely to me, Christmas tree in my living room…

I don’t over decorate my Christmas tree. I think simple is prettier. So mine is a very humble tree compare to some.

I prefer white lights to color lights, but my colorful Christmas tree works just fine for now. I have added some pretty gift boxes under the tree for decoration. Real gift boxes would come later.

Oh and remember that lovely skirt I found at a thrift store awhile back? It’s not my size, but I bought it anyway because I think it’s just lovely. I have used it as a table cloth on my side bed table and now under my Christmas tree as a tree skirt…. Pretty!

I have all the Christmas decorations my eyes and soul can bear to see up in their places; which is practically on my kitchen table…

So this is what my Christmas tabletop looks like this year.
Y un abrazo a mis amigas argentinas!