Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Around the house and garden...

Spending some lovely leisure time cozying up by the kitchen window; looking onto the garden… warm PJ’s and super comfy slippers… My favorite outfit when at home! Love them!

Lovely quiet December mornings…

Simple… and lovely

Some pink delights…

Window wrapped in early morning shadows...

Fairy sparkles on table… love it!

I so enjoy seeing my dried roses displayed throughout the house… they're such joy to me...

Oh and have I shown you my new skirt and tights? Love!

I love that my skirt has this lovely gauzy underskirt… and my tights… ahhh!

A while back I found some gorgeous rose patterned tights at Penney’s, but didn’t get to buy them then. Just a few days later I returned to get them, but found they had been discontinued from Penny’s line. Ouch! I bought a couple of rose patterned leggings after that, but I wasn’t too thrilled. Until now… Love them! From Urban Outfitters! And they were on sale for only $5.00! Happy happy me! ;)

Doing anything fun yourself?  Please do share! Love to hear it!



  1. I love your roses-those in the house and on your legs. Only you could wear those so cutely! Hope you have many wonderful December mornings- xo Diana

  2. As always your blog is a delight! Love roses ~ fresh, dried, petals, however I can get them. Your skirt and leggings are lovely ~

  3. Piękne zdjęcia:)
    serdecznie pozdrawiam:)

  4. Beautiful, as always! I wish I had a job that I could wear PJ's and slippers to work, they are so comfy on cold mornings, I know...I need to work from home! Maybe one day. Have a great day.

  5. Love your post..... Following!

  6. Hola Cielo,pasar por tu blog es como una invitación a un alegra Té...... pena que no sé poner el traductor, ahora uso el aipad,y aún no lo domino, cierto el refrán a la vejez viruelas!!!!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

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  8. Hola Cielo!

    I LOVE your ROSES, so pretty! Your stockings are just so cute, love them!!! I recently bought some lace leggings, and some with ruffles too! The one thing fun I do for myself every week is I LOVe buying, arranging, and taking pictures of flowers in all places in my home! I'ts been so long since I have visited you and I saw that you came to visit my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to drop in and to leave such lovely comments. It's hard to believe its been 4 years since I started blogging!!! Anyway, I'm so happy I stopped in, it's as lovely as I remember.
    Hope you have a beautiful Christmas my dear!

    XO~ Stephanie


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