Monday, December 3, 2012

Outdoor rooms and spaces and more...

I can't believe it's December already. I can’t believe how quickly 2012 has zoomed by! Do you feel this same way?

Oh I know it must be December because the Northern Red Shafted Flicker has arrived. And this winter he's brought a gift... a lovely female. When she flies you can see a flash of yellow in the under wings. Truly amazing. I love birds.

And who said I need inches of snow and blistering cold to feel that Christmassy feel? We've been having a lot of rain and high winds lately around here, but not much cold really. Who would have thought back then when we first moved to what it used to be a snow-covered world, that some day we were going to have such balmy winters? I feel sorry for the polar bears, but I'm so jumping onto the global warming bandwagon!

Fairies in the garden are loving this weather too!

The rainy, cloudy days we have been experiencing have brought with them a cool, lazy sort of quietness; which I truly love.

If you live in a place with cold winters, then you know how precious light is... when there's no sunshine, I love the cozy, muted lights of candles and lamps.

Particularly if your lamps look this pretty! ;)

Love my new lace covered lamp shades… 

from Tuesday Morning.

Ohhh, and can you believe I'm already daydreaming with summer? Yeah and dreaming with what I want to see in my garden next… Like a shower room covered in climbing roses. Dreamy!  Of course, it would have to have hot water. A must around here! ;)  Isn't this little tub here just dreamy!

When I visit my parents in FL, I love to take my showers outside. My father, who is a wild gypsy sorts of a guy (and I’m the daughter after his own heart, of course), has built a very primitive shower room in mom’s enclosed little garden, just using a hose and a big shower head. The water is so warm in South Florida and so delightfully refreshing, that I find it irresistible! So every day dad and I would put on our shorts or swimming suits, grab some soap, and head outside for a refreshing 'hot' shower—much to mom’s disapproval, I would have to say. You see, she truly believes that every man and woman child and dog from the apartment complexes surrounding her little garden are watching us... and who if it isn't but the immoral  would take their showers outside? ;)  Shameless gitanos! (Iberian Gypsies).  She's so cute! ;)

Last summer I tried doing something like that in my own garden and almost died. It was such a hot day too, but this is not Florida and the water here is icy cold all year round. I should have thought about that... Burrrr!

(Three last photos from Pinterest)  

And that's it for today my darlings... May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough hope to make you happy.



  1. What a beautiful, wonder-filled post- I love all the images here- Blessings-xo Diana

  2. Hello Cielo,
    I have had such a pleasant visit with you tonight! You write your posts just as if we were sitting side by side talking. How kind!
    My garden is loving the extra warmth. The roses are almost done, this time for good? They did resurrect after the hurricane. I have herbs still, but each night the frost nips a bit at their toes a little more.
    I totally love the idea of bathing out doors! I am wanting some day to have a bath outside. Soooo wonderful!
    Hugs to you,

  3. As always so very lovely. I enjoying visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the loveliness of your life. Karie

  4. Cielo, what a beautiful post! Your images are just wonderful!

  5. Som alltid disse er svært vakker. Jeg nyter og besøke bloggen din. Takk for å dele dine fine tanker og loveliness av livet ditt.


  6. Love those photos. We long to have an outdoor shower; our house is on the lake, and with jet skis, swimming, boating, etc., it would be awesome to clean off in a shower (instead of the hose). But, we too have the cold (brr) water. . .trying to find a way to hook it up so we can have hot/cold. Maybe next year!


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