Thursday, November 8, 2012

Usually, I don't go overboard on holiday decorating. Too much stuff seems to make the tableau of my home a noisy blur. I prefer less. Thus, holidays would pass without much fanfare as far as decorating goes around here. There is always one place, or thing in my house, however, that I treat with special consideration when it comes to decorating... and that's my large square kitchen table.

I love decorating my table for every day enjoyment, not just for the holidays.

Things get changed fairly often here.

This is what you'll see right now. Nothing too fancy... just treasures collected from the garden—autumn leaves and rose petals.

Rose petals everywhere regardless the season....

It is so hard to depart from my roses. Even dried, roses are so special to me... I love to watch the process roses go through. From blooms to faded bloom to dried roses—they’re beyond prettiness to me. 

They give me so much joy, in whatever form.
And, during winter months, they are a grand reminder of spring and summer.
A spirit lifter indeed.


  1. I love your decorations and I can imagine it is difficult to leave the roses in winter. That's why I make my own roses, nearly real roses. I love your little house with roses around. You must be very happy with it.


  2. how beautiful is every table setting. I love that you minimize decorating but play with and change one center space, your square table. I love that idea. I don't have space to change out anything, nothing stored, so I love the idea of playing with changing up the main table. I do this a little but may do it more if it is the one place to play! thank you for this! lady

  3. So glad I visited so very pretty reminds me to enjoy the smaller things in life.

  4. I love your kitchen table, Cielo. It is a place of happiness and hominess. It is YOU-beautiful! xo Diana

  5. Thank you for this post, Cielo! I always feel obligated to decorate my gathering room with fake leaves and plaster silly! I love your roses and your big table! How beautiful! You are such an inspiration.

  6. Just so beautiful........The different fabrics you use on the table are gorgeous with the flower decorations. You inspire me a lot.

  7. Cielo, these photos are beautiful yet again! Thank you for sharing and God bless,

  8. Somehow I lived with my aunt around 1957. My uncle was a musician, and my aunt was a teacher. Violin melody sounded in the room. Today it is different. In our apartment already so I can not Gd. Unfortunately, it was a beautiful time. Thank you for the memories

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  10. Cielo.. no creo en las casualidades... sé que llegué a este blog porque necesitaba volver a estos lugares que alguna vez estuvieron a mi alrededor.. entonces no los perdí..! solo los dejé de lado. Esta belleza es necesaria, esta simpleza me ilumina el camino recordándome quién soy.


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