Thursday, November 8, 2012

Usually, I don't go overboard on holiday decorating. Too much stuff seems to make the tableau of my home a noisy blur. I prefer less. Thus, holidays would pass without much fanfare as far as decorating goes around here. There is always one place, or thing in my house, however, that I treat with special consideration when it comes to decorating... and that's my large square kitchen table.

I love decorating my table for every day enjoyment, not just for the holidays.

Things get changed fairly often here.

This is what you'll see right now. Nothing too fancy... just treasures collected from the garden—autumn leaves and rose petals.

Rose petals everywhere regardless the season....

It is so hard to depart from my roses. Even dried, roses are so special to me... I love to watch the process roses go through. From blooms to faded bloom to dried roses—they’re beyond prettiness to me. 

They give me so much joy, in whatever form.
And, during winter months, they are a grand reminder of spring and summer.
A spirit lifter indeed.