Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Saturday mornings

I love mornings. And mornings when I get to stay home and enjoy my little world are extra special to me...

I still would wake up as early as usual... The dawn had barely woken, the quiet house whispers peace, and I go round and about in my fluffy warm pajamas chasing shadows away and illuminating the dark corners of the house with the soft dimmed light of little lamps and candles...  

After all the little lights are lit, then I would proceed to play the soft music of the American Indian flute from my favorite Cd... music so sublime, it seems to wafts through the early morning house in waves of enchantment and serenity...

I love it... I love the feeling of perfection that the early morning emits.  It fills my heart with contentment and peace so special... special moments gifted by my Heavenly Father, moments I want to treasure and live, and hold in my hands so that they would never never end...

It is true that in this old world of us we all have our own share of sorrows.  Nobody is safe from tears, but when good times are our share, why live our life complaining, or feeling miserable for ourselves, or why miss the moment by ignoring our blessings or wanting more, or bringing each other tears and sorrow with thoughtless words and deeds? Life is too short to feel miserable when we have been given so much to be thankful for... too short for regrets or hatred. We need to be sure to appreciate each moment because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Oh, and have I already told you how much I really really love roses? Ah... ;)   After a while, when my dried roses finally lose their liveliness, then I would clip off the stems and keep the blooms that look best...

Stack them in any container I can find...

Or crumple them up and collect the petals... I like to scatter rose petals all around the house…. just scattered on tables, or collected in pretty saucers and nifty containers.  Here are some spent blooms from my Charisma roses and some Rose of Sharon's petals and unopened blooms.  So precious to me. 

And can I talk about roses without talking about my garden? Ah, my garden! Although it is cold and trees have lost a lot of their leafs, it is still particularly glorious and it is crammed with vivid and dazzling colors—colors purer and brighter than all the colors of summer. I cannot love it more or need it more, and often find my spirit drifting to it when not there.

May you all have a lovely Saturday and rest of weekend!


  1. Do you know what I loved about this post the most.....the fact that you, my dear lady, have made something so very special out of such an ordinary thing as waking up to greet the day. GOOD FOR YOU.



  2. Beautiful, beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Such a lovely and beautiful post.

    You have such a wonderful blog!

    Happy Saturday- glad you could enjoy it - we have perfect weather here, high 70s, so surprising this time of year and so AWESOME!

  4. Cielo- What a really beautiful post. I can sense the peace in your home and the beauty that surrounds you-Blessings xo Diana

  5. I have to agree with My Grama's Soul, Cielo. I never take my time in the morning to just BE and BREATHE and GIVE THANKS. It's always rush here and there to get the day started. Your post has awakened my spirit to be more aware and grateful each morning. Thank you, sweetie. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  6. What a very beautiful post-in thought and pictures. I love all the candles and their glow. Everything looks so lovely in candlelight. Those pretty petals in special bowls. You created and shared beauty. Thank you.
    Ruthie from:

  7. Lovely post and truer words could not have been written. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

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