Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgivings!

Roses... reminiscent of summers past

Rose petals scattered around the house…

lovely in any setting 

My latest thrift store treasure... this pretty vintage Italian Florentine table… only $12.00—

I don’t know much about antiquing, but I did a little bit of research on the Internet and found out that this little Vintage table was originally part of a nested table set. Italian Florentine, gold gilt and hand painted on gesso over wood. This little table alone is sold for $84.00.  Now, that's exactly why I'm so madly in love with Mr. Goodwill Hunting! ;)  And aren't we all!

So, have you decorated your home for the holidays yet? The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have amazing decorations and have thousands of Christmas lights beaming from our homes? I know you may find this hard to believe, but I don’t decorate much for the holidays. Only last year I bought my first Christmas tree ever. I have already decorated it and is looking marvelous embellished in beautiful Vintage ornaments. Found at our local Goodwill of all places... of course! No, I'm not a bit ashamed of saying this... not at all.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day my friends!



  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Monika

  2. You made beautiful pictures, you're blog is like a fairytale I like it very much,

    regards Janny

  3. a wonderful table. Your first tree ever has me wondering if you always had your style or later. I know I became comfortable with my style only when I was a bit older.
    I tried them all.

  4. Cielo, I always find your blog a peaceful place to visit - have a blessed Thanksgiving. Joanie.

  5. Oh yes, Roses, even in their decayed state, are still Beautiful enough to enhance any setting.

    Happy Thanksgiving... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Hola Cielo, Lo cierto es que aun despues de secas esas rosas de tu jardin permanecen decorando tu hermoso entorno! La mesita por 12.00$ WoW!!! es una bendicion Cielo! Las he visto como dices aun mucho mas costosas! Y luce tan delicada en su rinconcito. Hoy estoy decorando para Navidad y creenme , es en verdad una terapia! Ademas de que nos alegra el alma! Te invito a mi otro blog , www.elartederosia.blogspot.com saludos, Rose Marie

  7. If I hadn't heard it from you own lips (fingers) I would not have believed that you never had a tree. I am curious as to why-cuz I think you have children...
    Anyway, I love your sweet little table. They are all the rage now and I see them all over. You could probably sell yours and make $$$!;>) But don't!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Cielo- xo Diana

  8. What a sweet little table! Love those beautiful roses even those pretty dried ones!

  9. Really beautiful arrangement. Such beautiful fresh flowers arrangements give spectacular look to your living room.


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