Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family time...

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving Day... So much to be thankful for; including YOU, and YOU, and all of YOU my dear readers (silent ones too)

I know you all had an extra special day, at least that's what I want to believe.   I know I had some blessed couple of days... working all day Thursday and Friday at home... cleaning and prettying up things and cooking and baking and washing dishes and rearranging things again and again. Oh, believe me, this is pure joy to me!  I am never too overwhelmed with holiday preparations; never too tired of working extra hard when it comes to my home and family...

My husband got me some roses from the market in my favorite color to embellish our table. Love them.

No big centerpiece, just simply the best I could ever had!

We had a house filled with people we love, amazing food simmering in the kitchen and plenty of pumpkin everything to finish off our day!

I made the most yummiest of dessert ever after my FLAN, of course: A PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE.

This is an absolute amazing recipe, absolute hit! Perfect texture, nice creamy density without being heavy. Just perfect amount of pumpkin flavor.

I have eaten this so many times and every time it is amazing. Our friends and family love when I make it.  One thing I must remind you, however, if you're planning on making a cheesecake, is to not forget (like I did) to bake your cheesecake in a roasting pan of hot water to prevent cracks from happening. Hence all the extra amount of whipping cream on my cheesecake to cover cracks.

My daughter baked a yummy cherry pie.  Super delicious too!

I was feeling very tired by the time the last piece of pie was served, but I had a wonderful little helper!

I washed the dishes while she swept the floors...

 and beyond!

Have a happy rest of weekend, everyone!