Monday, November 26, 2012

This and that and an enchanted little town

I cut some grasses from the garden and made a lovely bouquet for my table… this is my latest tabletop arrangement—soon to be taken down, because I’m about to start decorating my table for the holidays.

Last month when we went to Florida we visited the nation’s oldest city and most charming and unique little town I've ever seen—St. Augustine. Have you ever been there? There's a distinct charm prevalent throughout St. Augustine and you can’t help but feel enchanted as you stroll through the quaint streets that  much remind me of the small villages of Spain. Every time we're in FL we have to visit St. Augustine. I so want to move there! But is it possible to have anything like a rose garden in St. Augustine? I mean considering the heat and humidity factors of the Florida climate? Any knowledgeable gardeners out there who might know if roses grow in FL? ‘Cause I must live in a rose garden wherever I am ya know! ;)
While strolling the pedestrian-only shopping streets in the heart of the historic district of St. Augustine, my sister Lissette and I discovered a lovely bohemian chic boutique with long, flowing dresses in soft and sumptuous fabrics and gorgeous prints, blouses and dresses with beautiful embroidered details, bohemian jewelry, sandals, and shoes. I was in heaven!  Here, Lissette and I admiring this lovely dress in deep burgundy and green... and yes, I bought it! You know I had to, right! ;)
Anyway, as I was saying, or meant to say when I started my post, when we visited the city’s visitor’s center I found a barrel full of faux ancient manuscripts.  I went bonkers with excitement over them, and they were only 4 for $1.00! I almost bought the entire barrel! ;)

I love the ancient looking patina and the mystery old manuscripts hold...

Of course, I haven't dared myself to unfold any of these ancient manuscripts… not one! Would you have done it? Imagine if by doing so we liberate some creepy spirits from the past? Or bring upon ourselves some archaic spell? You know, like the ancient Egyptian funerary manuscripts that were buried with the pharaohs? These funerary manuscripts included lots of magic spells for whoever unrolled them.

Best let these manuscripts be... or shall we go ahead and unroll them?

Oh yes I think I should.  Who knows, maybe I'll be the first one to uncover evidence about the times when Cicero and St Augustine lived! I’ll be famous… I’ll be rich! I’ll be moving to St. Augustine for sure! ;)

Well my dears, for the moment, spells or not I’m truly loving these replicas. They look marvelous displayed around my house… just love them! Oh and don't forget... one must throw themselves into dreaming with reckless abandon. Long skirts, layers of lace, and of course, as true bohemians, wear your old snow boots covered with sheepskin with pride ;)
See ya super soon!